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The People's Empowerment Center is a Stockton-based nonprofit that empowers Black Americans through advocacy and programs in education and mentorship.

TPEC was established in 2018 and aimed to address the need for a Black nonprofit organization in the greater San Joaquin County area. Its mission is to support and empower those experiencing the effects of racial disparities and injustices.

This is accomplished through several programs. First is the trauma and wellness center, which accepts individuals looking for therapists of color who will uniquely understand their cultural and historical roots. The organization also offers several modes of mental, emotional, and spiritual healing including yoga, meditation, and alternative therapy.

Second, TPEC’s children and youth programs include an affordable child care center, which accepts children ages 0 to 12, and a youth empowerment program that includes healing circles and support groups.

Third, TPEC offers classes that will support individuals’ careers, as they build up intergenerational wealth. Classes offered include information on financial management, life insurance and brokerage, small business entrepreneurship, and security officer training and certification.

Other initiatives include promoting Black art and appreciation (art, music, fashion, design), policy advocacy, and Volunteer Service Sundays, when volunteers distribute food. TPEC also emphasizes community partnerships with other grassroots and nonprofit organizations.

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