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The Reinvent Stockton Foundation is a 501(c)(3) with a mission to grow Stockton’s economy by increasing its resources and investing in its community members’ futures.

Reinvent Stockton boosts student success by supporting their higher education pursuits. The organization also works to reduce neighborhood crime and violence through innovative solutions. Key programs that have been implemented include Stockton Scholars, Stockton Service Corps, and SEED.

Stockton Scholars was established in 2018 by former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs. The initiative helped guide families and students through the college admissions process and provided scholarships to students. In 2021 alone the program gave out $3 million in scholarships, and more than 1,500 students registered for the winter and summer educational summits, which offered 33 separate workshops.

Stockton Service Corps partners with local community partners to provide necessary funds and trains individuals on how to become community leaders. In 2021 Reinvent Stockton granted $300,000 to their cradle-to-career partners, a long-term investment for Stockton and its families.

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