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STAND works to protect and improve Stockton neighborhoods, making them safe and equitable for the families that call them home.

Stocktonians Taking Action to Neutralize Drugs (STAND) was founded through an effort to improve a 17-block area in southeast Stockton known as Fairview Terrace. The area was known for its low-income residents and being the center of the region's drug epidemic in the 1990s. Crime ran rampant through Fairview Terrace, and many of its residents felt the cards were stacked against the neighborhood. Drug sales were happening openly at the park and local elementary school. Residents became fed up with feeling unsafe, and STAND was born.

Today, STAND functions in several different ways to help preserve and protect the area.

Community Policing—Residents of the Fairview Terrace area participate in a rigorous neighborhood watch program, sit on the Police Advisory Board, and work closely with authorities to ensure safe streets.

Community Building Events—Annual events take place, including an egg hunt and Christmas festival, to help keep families and young people proud and engaged with their neighbors.

Neighborhood Revitalization—STAND created a neighborhood revitalization plan to improve living conditions for teens, seniors, and everyone in between.

Slumlord Abatement—STAND takes negligent landlords to task, and works to ensure that code enforcement does its job.

Home Security Lighting Project—After it was discovered that seniors felt unsafe going outside after dark, STAND implemented security lighting.

Beautification Project—This project provides yard work for seniors and help with overgrown/abandoned yards.

STAND also provides resources and help for first-time home buyers and very low income families that wish to own a home.

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