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Conservation Science Partners provides research and planning tools for conservation projects all throughout California and also around the world.

According to its official website, Conservation Science Partners was formed in 2012 in order to “raise the bar for conservation science.”

From its main office in Truckee, CSP works with scientists and conservationists both locally and internationally to develop real solutions to large-scale issues that affect the environment. With an emphasis on innovation, CSP is a research provider able to engage across many sectors to teach and provide resources to promote conservation science. 

CSP’s staff consists of both full-time scientists and non-science professionals to allow for quality workflow, research practices, and resources. CSP works to form relationships and partnerships with foundations, nongovernmental organizations, schools, progressive industries, and state and federal agencies.

Geospatial and earth observation analyses, ecosystem and population modeling, and multi-scale conservation planning are just a few of the topics that CSP focuses on, with other subjects also focusing on environmental health and impact.

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