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California Invasive Plant Council’s mission is to protect the state’s environment and economy from invasive plants.

California Invasive Plant Council started in 1992 to protect California from invasive plants and the negative environmental and economical impacts they cause. The group works with agencies, other nonprofits, and industry professionals to keep the state safe. Members of Cal-IPC include land managers, ecologists, researchers, and volunteer residents.

There are a few different goals of Cal-IPC. First and foremost, the group assesses invasive plants and provides information to applicable groups as to how to manage them. Staffers also maintain the extensive California Invasive Plant IInventory—a searchable database of all discovered invasive plant species, as well as a future potential watch list of offenders.

Cal-IPC also works to support land managers. An annual convention includes four days’ worth of presentations, training, and site visits. Cal-IPC also advocates for funding and policy initiatives and is a leader in securing finances for invasive plant control projects. The organization also frequently participates in partnerships with other groups to keep issues and solutions front and center.

Cal-IPC works with gardeners, nurseries, and all other plant-related professions to keep California free of the damages caused by invasive plants every year, and will continue to do so with the support of both volunteers and professionals.

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