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San Joaquin County Land Use & Development Digest

Advocates Oppose Plans to Close Homeless Camp


Residents and supporters of self-governing homeless "Camp Resolution" marched to Sacramento city hall on May 15 in opposition of city plans to close the camp.

Sacramento Zoo Move Approved


The Elk Grove City Council voted to approve the move of the Sacramento Zoo to a 100 acre lot at Kammerer Road and Lotz Parkway.

Sacramento Plans to Double Urban Canopy


Sacramento is seeking public comment on its "Urban Forrest Plan" to increase the trees in the city with priority given to areas in North and South Sacramento.

Ribbon Cutting Held at New Community Connections Center


CEO Carrie Grover officiated at the ribbon cutting of the new Tracy Tracy Community Connections Center at 95 West 11th Street.

Housing Development Project Proposed for Lockeford


Development of hundreds of homes is being proposed for North Tully Road.

Funds Secured for New Community Center


Central Valley District 9 Congressman Josh Harder announced $850,000 in federal funds towards construction of a new community center in Manteca for American Legion Post 249.

Tracy Tries Alternate Path Forward with Ellis Aquatics Center


Following litigation, the Tracy City Council voted to take back control of the Ellis Aquatics Center project and instructed staff to proceed with development planning.

Arbor Day Trees Planted at Yosemite Village Park


17 trees were planted at Yosemite Village Park on Arbor Day April 25 by the Manteca Garden Club with the City of Manteca.

Groundbreaking at McKinley Park in South Stockton


The official groundbreaking was held on April 23 for $15million in upgrades to South Stockton's McKinley Park.

Two Reappointed to Planning Commission


A profile of the two commissioners reappointed to the planning commission by the Tracy City Council in its April 16 meeting.

A Private Calif. Ranch Holds Important State History — And It Might Be in Danger


Some residents fear development could destroy parts of the historic land.

New EV Chargers Coming to Manteca


In their April 16 meeting, the Manteca City Council approved a development project at corner of Lathrop and Union roads which will include a gas station, auto part store and new EV chargers.

Freeway Beautification Funded


In their April 9 meeting, the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors voted to allocate $500K for the Freeway Corridor Beautification Plan sponsored by Supervisor Tom Patti for the areas around Stockton.

Nile Garden School to Expland


The Manteca Unified School District purchase of nearly 9 acres of land is slated for the expansion of the Nile Garden School campus.

Supervisors Allocate Federal Infrastructure Funds


In their April 9 meeting, the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors approved allopcating $7.7M in federal funds for county infrastructure projects.

Supervisors Airport Upgrades


In their April 9 meeting, the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors approved over $26M for upgrades and improvements for Stockton Metropolitan Airport.

Ripon Considers Traffic Signal Workshop


In their April 9 meeting, the Ripon City Council discussed hosting a public workshop about the East Main Traffic Signal Project.

New Homeless Shelter to Open in Stockton


The Pathways Project homeless shelter is set to open in the fall to provide services to the city's estimated 900 homeless.

Homeless Dorms to Open in Manteca


Manteca is opening two new portable dormitory units of 50 beds each at the homeless emergency services center at 555 Industrial Park Drive.

California Forever Denies Reports of Shady Tactics Outside Bay Area Target


Rumors are flying that California Forever is using dodgy tactics to gather signatures.

New Suit Filed in Aquatics Center Project


A project to build an aquatics center on 16 acres at Summit Drive and Corral Hollow Road in South Tracy has been further mired in litigation as a new suit is filed.

Stockton City Council Declines to Add Sanchez to Planning Commission


209 Times founder Motecuzoma Sanchez failed to get a seat on the Planning Commission when a motion to confirm his appointment failed to be seconded.

CalTrans to Clean Up Homeless Encampment


CalTrans has reached out to inhabitants of the homeless encampments on the Main Street and 120 Bypass interchange and has begun work to clean up the area and secure it from future camping.

Manteca Wastewater Treatment Costs to Rise


The City of Manteca is preparing for alternative means of disposing of biomass solids resulting from the treatment of city wastewater to comply with a state mandate.

Multi-Story Townhomes Coming to Northern San Joaquin Valley


Denser housing is planned for the River Islands planned community and in the area surrounding the Manteca central district.

River Islands Advances South County Development Planning


The Lathrop Planning Commission is reviewing plans for River Islands neighborhood designs which includes a football stadium, lakes, parks, housing and hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial use space.

Manteca at Center of Highway Construction


As the new McKinley/120 Bypass nears completion, work begins on the upgrades to the Austin Road/Highway 99 interchange and the 120 Bypass/Highway 99 interchange.

Stockton City Council Approves Housing Project


With Mayor Kevin Lincoln recusing, the City Council voted 6-0in favor of the South Pointe Village housing project, a housing development of at least 520 units on the inner harbor’s south bank.

Central Coast Ranch That Is Home to Endangered Species to Be Preserved


The Wildlife Conservation Board voted to award $10.3 million to the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County to preserve the 27,000-acre Camatta Ranch in Santa Margarita.

Wealthy Bay Area Enclave Worried About Sprawling New Development


Residents of San Rafael say the project could bring noise, pollution and crime to the area.

Promises for New City in Solano County Are Worth Hundreds of Millions—if They Stick


California Forever CEO Jan Sramek says promises of new homes, jobs, investments are binding, but legal experts and elected officials are skeptical.

Nevada County Rejects Controversial Gold Mining Project


After years of controversy, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors unanimously struck down a Grass Valley gold mining project. “It’s clear that this community wants to move forward to a cleaner economic future,” said Supervisor Heidi Hall.


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