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Friends Outside provides support and services to incarcerated people and their families.

First established in 1955, Friends Outside believes that constant communication and frequent visits between families and friends are crucial for the incarcerated and lead to better overall outcomes, including decreased rates of recidivism.

Friends Outside offers three key services in California. The first are visitor centers, which are located outside the prison walls but on the grounds of every California State Prison, and funded by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. These visitor centers are intended to create safe environments for families and children while they are visiting. The centers offer childcare for children 17 years of age and under, a Write To Me program that encourages children to write letters to their incarcerated parent via letter-writing kits, clothing in case visitors are wearing clothing that does not align with the prisons’ dress code, transportation between the prison and nearby public transportation terminals, resources, and information about state prison rules and regulations.

The second major service Friends Outside offers is Family Liaison Services, with available specialists at 34 state prisons who act as liaisons between families and the incarcerated individual. This service also includes parenting classes, creative conflict resolution classes, and additional resources and referrals.

The third service is the Friends and Families Neighborhood Center, which was launched in 2009. The center currently offers the San Joaquin County Warrant Reduction Program, a Job Club with free workshops on job readiness and employment skills for anyone who was formerly incarcerated, and Family Support Groups that meet twice a month and are for family members of the incarcerated.

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