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Audubon California is part of the National Audubon Society, a nonprofit organization that promotes bird and wildlife conservation.

Audubon California is composed of more than 118,000 members and 48 chapters across California. The state of California is home to the largest and most diverse aggregation of birds in the United States, especially because of its varying ecosystems, making conservation efforts even more necessary. Audubon California takes on much of that responsibility by being involved in bird and animal conservation, habitat restoration, community education, research, and policy advocacy.

The organization has currently identified 177 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) spanning 19 million acres of land and marine-based habitats, which they closely monitor for protection. Though these areas are identified using strict criteria, Audubon California is always accepting applications for the consideration of new IBAs.

Audubon California also keeps the public educated with updated news regarding bird conservation, events and webinars, and guides on how (and where) to successfully find and watch birds.

Advocacy is another way for individuals to get involved. Examples of key legislation Audubon California has advocated for include the California Rangeland, Grazing Land, and Grassland Protection Program (AB720), the Save Our Night Skies Act (AB38), and other budgeting bills that allocate funds toward climate change and environmental protection. Chapter leaders across the state are mobilized to meet with elected officials to advocate for these bills.

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Consider getting involved by volunteering your time, donating money, or both. Above you can learn about what services Audubon California provides to the community and easily volunteer, donate, register for services, or connect with them on social media. Visit the Yolo County Community Groups directory to see a comprehensive list of organizations on all subjects that are relevant to creating a vibrant local community.

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