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The executive branch of the state of California is overseen by the Office of the Governor and includes elected officials and administrators. The judicial branch includes the California Supreme Court and all the lower courts in the state, and it interprets and applies laws at state and local levels. The California Legislature has two branches—the State Assembly and the Senate—that vote on state laws and draft legislation.

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Gavin Newsom Signs Law Boosting Minimum Wage to $20 for Fast-food Workers

More than half a million fast-food workers, mostly minorities and women, will earn higher minimum wage, but some say that’s not a living wage.

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Sen. Dianne Feinstein Dies at 90

The California Democrat, the oldest member of Congress, had suffered a precipitous decline in health in recent months.

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Governor Signs 2 Berman Bills That Target Greater Gun Safety


Gov. Gavin Newsom signed bills, authored by Assembly member Marc Berman, that empower the state DOJ to conduct firearm inspection and that require sellers to provide information about the risks of gun ownership.

Newsom Signs New California Crime, School Laws


Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 14 into law, reclassifying child sex trafficking into a serious felony with increased prison sentences.

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