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Sacramento State to Host Office for Black Student Advancement


Sacramento State will be home to the central office for the $10 million Black student advancement drive on all 23 California State University campuses.

Why UC Grad Students Are Going Out on Strike


The job action starting today at UC Santa Cruz isn’t about pay, but instead is in response to how UC deployed police to clear pro-Palestinian encampments on campuses.

Affordable Housing Topic of Community Conversation


Affordable housing in Davis was the topic of a Community Conversation held at the Davis Community Church on May 18.

$20 Billion: The Delta Tunnel’s New Price Tag


The centerpiece of California’s water wars pits Gov. Newsom against local communities and environmentalists. A new report says the benefits of the tunnel exceed the cost since other water supplies would cost more.

California’s Staggering Budget Deficit Squashes Hundreds of Bills


The state’s multibillion-dollar shortfall shapes which spending bills survived the ‘suspense file’ hearings by the Assembly and Senate appropriations committees.

California’s Lagging Economy Hinders Efforts to Close State Budget Deficit


As Gov. Gavin Newsom and state legislators spend the next few weeks fashioning a state budget that’s plagued by a multibillion-dollar deficit, they can’t count on a booming economy to make their task easier.

Should California Doctors Report Domestic Abuse to Police? Here’s How Physician Lawmakers Voted


Pending legislation would lift requirements for California’s doctors to report all domestic abuse cases to police. The Assembly’s three physicians had different opinions.

These California Schools Connect Kids to Community Services. Will They Survive Budget Cuts?


Gov. Gavin Newsom launched the community school initiative with $4.1 billion in grants to connect students and their families to medical care, counseling and other services.

Sacramento City Council Approves Electric Appliance Plan


In its May 14 meeting, the Sacramento City Council unanimously approved a plan to encourage residents and businesses to replace gas appliances with electric.

Advocates Oppose Plans to Close Homeless Camp


Residents and supporters of self-governing homeless "Camp Resolution" marched to Sacramento city hall on May 15 in opposition of city plans to close the camp.

Davis Downtown Business Association Announces New Executive Director


The Davis Downtown Business Association has named former City of Davis mayor Brett Lee as the new executive director.

Counties Prepare for Mosquito Season


Mosquito vector control agencies are preparing for mosquito season in San Joaquin and Sacramento counties.

Sacramento Zoo Move Approved


The Elk Grove City Council voted to approve the move of the Sacramento Zoo to a 100 acre lot at Kammerer Road and Lotz Parkway.

14th Annual Loopalooza Held


The 14th annual Loopalooza event was held on May 5 as bicyclists celebrated by riding the 12-mile Davis bike loop.

I-80 Project EIR Released


The environmental impact report for the Yolo Interstate-80 Corridor Improvements Project has been released by CalTrans.

Sacramento Plans to Double Urban Canopy


Sacramento is seeking public comment on its "Urban Forrest Plan" to increase the trees in the city with priority given to areas in North and South Sacramento.

Davis Popular University for the Liberation of Palestine (PULP) Encampment Updates


The Aggie is providing daily updates on the pro-Palestinian encampment in the UC Davis Memorial Union Quad.

Coffee Studied at UC Davis


On May 3, the Coffee Center at the UC Davis College of Engineering, opened with a focus on the study of coffee.

KDVS Celebrates 60 Years


A look back, and a look ahead, for UC Davis student-run radio station KDVS.

Student Encampment Set Up In UC Davis Memorial Union Quad


Divestment tops list of five demands issued by encampment organizers.

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