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First 5 Yolo Celebrates New Welcome Baby Program


After its first year in operation, First 5 Yolo reports on the progress of its Welcome Baby program.

Homeless Infants and Toddlers Largely Unenrolled in Early Ed Programs


Evictions have exacerbated homelessness nationwide, increasing the rate of homeless infants and toddlers. Most of those children are not enrolled in early education programs.

Construction of El Rio Villas Playground Approved


The Yolo County Board of Supervisors approved the construction a new playground in the El Rio Villa Housing Community outside of the city of Winters during their March 12 meeting.

Mikuni Donation to Help Yolo County Youth


The Mikuni Charitable Organization donation of $5,000 to Make It Happen for Yolo County is in support of local, under-resourced youth making the transition to independent living.

Winters PTA Receives Safe Routes to School Grant


The Winters Combined PTA announced that the organization was awarded a grant of $10,000 by the Yolo Air Quality Education Grant of the Yolo Community Foundation to increase the number of students walking or biking to school to reduce car traffic and the associated air pollution.

New California Teaching Standards Increase Focus on Family Engagement, Social-Emotional Learning


The state is to implement long-awaited new guidelines in 2025 despite some calls for a year’s delay.

Grand Opening for MOSAIC Children’s Museum Set for Feb. 15


After a soft opening late last year, the MOSAIC Children's Museum is inviting members of the community to attend its official grand opening.

City of Davis Opens Several New Parks for the Community


Several local parks for a range of ages were recently renovated, including Campanilla Mini Park, Donato Mini Playground and Sandy Motley Park.

Yolo County Supervisors Approve Youth-Focused Proposals


During the last Yolo County Board of Supervisors’ meeting, $25,000 was earmarked to fortify youth sports and facilities.

Yolo County Supervisors Approve Members for Second Year of Yolo Youth Commission


The Yolo County Board of Supervisors approved the appointment of 15 teenagers to serve as the members of the 2024 Yolo Youth Commission.

City of Woodland Celebrates Woodland Christian Football Team for Historic 2023 Season


After bringing home the City of Trees’ first state championship in any sport, the Woodland Christian High School varsity football team was honored by city officials.

Parents’ Rights Groups Mobilize as California Advances a Ban on Youth Tackle Football


The Assembly has until the end of January to decide the fate of the youth tackle football bill, which would prevent kids under 12 from playing the sport to protect them from brain trauma.

Fourth Graders Might Lose Free Access to California State Parks


California’s projected budget deficit of close to $38 billion likely means some cuts are coming. Among them, Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed ending the California State Park Adventure Pass, which offers free access to some state parks for fourth graders.

Pasadena Named Travel Destination for 2024 by NY Times


Pasadena is the only California city named a travel destination for 2024 by The New York Times. This comes despite the Los Angeles-area city being just the 45th-largest city in the state.

California Still Struggling to Support Young Students, Report Finds


The 2024 California Children’s Report Card from an organization called Children Now noted that the state has failed to improve economic disparities for students. The report also dings the state for things like STEM offerings, early intervention and special education.

San Diego County Schools Face Post-Pandemic Funding Woes


San Diego Unified School District has received more than $700 million in federal and state relief funds since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with these funds ending, some schools could be facing serious deficits.

Group to Sue California AG Over Title of Ballot Initiative Seeking to Prohibit Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Youth


Leaders of a parental rights advocacy group announced they’re planning to sue California Attorney General Rob Bonta over the way his office has characterized a 2024 ballot initiative they authored.

California Community College Students Helping Peers


Two-thirds of community college students in California admit to struggling to meet basic needs. The California Community Colleges’ Student Ambassador Program has empowered more than 50 students to act as resource guides to help them.

Law Goes Into Effect Blocking Guns in Many California Public Places


A law passed by the California legislature in 2023 has gone into effect banning licensed gun holders from bringing their firearms to places like playgrounds, churches and casinos. The law faces an ongoing challenge in the federal court system.

CA Minimum Wage Hits $16 an Hour


The dawn of 2024 meant that California’s minimum wage rose from $15.50 to $16 an hour. That puts the Golden State at the second-highest minimum wage for a U.S. state, trailing only Washington state at $16.28 an hour.

Gender-Neutral Toy Law Goes Into Effect


A 2021 law passed by the California legislature went into effect Jan. 1, requiring major retailers to maintain an aisle of toys marketed to people of either gender. The bill’s author, Evan Low, said the legislation will help kids “express themselves freely and without bias.”

Californians Can Now Save Money on Vasectomies, Other Birth Control


California adopted several laws to increase access to contraception and abortion after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade. The latest one eliminates out-of-pocket charges for birth control for millions of Californians.

MOSAIC Children’s Museum Welcomes Woodland Community


After seven years of hard work, a two-year pause due to the pandemic and an extended search for a home, the MOSAIC Children's Museum enjoyed a much-awaited soft opening on Dec. 15.

Science Doesn’t Yet Support Broad Restrictions on Teens’ Access to Social Media


In a report released by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, researchers instead lay out a plan for what society might do to improve adolescents’ interactions with social media.

Happy New Year, California Workers! You Now Get More Paid Sick Days


Under a new law, employees in California are guaranteed five paid sick days a year, two days more than previously. Worker advocacy groups say the benefit is needed, but business groups warn of additional costs.

Domestic Violence Shelters Play a Key Role in Fighting Homelessness. Now They Face Deep Funding Cuts


Federal funding for domestic violence shelters and housing programs is declining. Advocates want the state to step in, but with a record projected deficit new spending is unlikely.

Davis’ Progress Ranch Honored as Nonprofit of the Year


Davis' Progress Ranch Treatment Services for Children received this year’s Yolo County Nonprofit of the Year Award for its excellence in mental health care and commitment to serving some of California’s most vulnerable children and youth. The organization provides mental health services to boys ages 6 through 13.

CA AG Backs Motion to Oppose Actions of SoCal School Board


California Attorney General Rob Bonta has formally backed an August motion by two law groups to keep the Temecula Valley Unified School District from being able to notify parents about transgender children or censor instruction about race. A hearing for the motion is scheduled for Jan. 24.

California Company Used Child Labor for Dangerous Poultry Processing Work


The Exclusive Poultry Inc. agreed to pay $3.8 million in wages, damages and penalties in part for hiring children for dangerous work. The case is one of hundreds federal labor officials investigated last year.

California Children Sue the EPA Over Climate Change


Eighteen California children are suing the Environmental Protection Agency, claiming it violated their constitutional rights by failing to protect them from the effects of climate change—the latest in a series of similar cases filed on behalf of children.

Supreme Court Upholds California Ban on Conversion Therapy


By declining to hear a conservative group’s challenge, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a California ban on conversion therapy for LGBTQ youth. California is one of 22 states to ban this practice.

MOSAIC Children’s Museum Hosts Preview


After years of effort, the museum is ready to open its doors on Dec. 15—the realization of a vision started by a small group of people in 2016.

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