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Central Coast Community Energy is a Community Choice Energy Agency established to source clean and renewable electricity for Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties and parts of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties while retaining local utility providers’ traditional role delivering power and maintaining electric infrastructure as well as billing.

Central Coast Community Energy is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through local control of utility scale renewable electricity generation provided at competitive rates and the implementation of energy programs that facilitate the electrification of the transportation and built environments. CCCE promotes long-term electric rate stability and energy security while reducing reliance on fossil fuels and stimulating the local economy.

Mission Statement

Central Coast Community Energy is a public agency that sources competitively priced electricity from clean and renewable energy resources. CCCE is locally controlled and governed by board members who represent each community served by the agency. Revenue generated by CCCE stays local and helps keep electricity rates affordable for customers, while also funding innovative energy programs designed to lower greenhouse gas emissions and stimulate economic development. CCCE serves 436,000 customers throughout the Central Coast, including residential, commercial, and agricultural customers in communities located within Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz counties. Learn more at 3CEnergy.org and on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @3CEnergy.

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Consider getting involved by volunteering your time, donating money, or both. Above you can learn about what services Central Coast Community Energy provides to the community and easily volunteer, donate, register for services, or connect with them on social media. Visit the Monterey County Community Groups directory to see a comprehensive list of organizations on all subjects that are relevant to creating a vibrant local community.

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