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California’s Runoff Flows Down the Drain. Can More Be Captured?


Researchers say if California could collect and treat more stormwater in cities, it could provide enough water to supply a quarter of the state’s urban population.

California Sides With Big Utilities, Trimming Incentives for Community Solar Projects


These community projects can give renters and low-income homeowners a chance to go solar, but the PUC’s action is unlikely to give them the option.

Raising Kids in California? They May Have College Savings Accounts You Don’t Know About.


The state is directly investing money for low-income students and all newborns to attend college. After two years, the program is still not widely known by the students who need the most financial assistance.

FORTAG Groundbreaking Ceremony Held


A groundbreaking ceremony was held on May 29 celebrating the beginning of construction of the Del Ray Oaks segment of the Fort Ord Regional Trail and Greenway project.

Update on CalTrans Big Sur Highway 1 Progress


CalTrans reported steady progress at three Monterey County sites with an estimated full opening of Highway 1 in late autumn.

Democrats Kill California Homeless Camp Ban, Again


A bill to ban homeless encampments statewide near parks, schools and transit hubs failed to get out of the same legislative committee as last year.

UC Student Workers Expand Strike to Two More Campuses as They Demand Amnesty for Protestors


After University of California students were arrested or suspended for protests, student workers are striking at three campuses. The Office of President says the strike violates the union contract.

As Key Deadlines Loom, Newsom and California Lawmakers Have Dozens of Deals to Make


It’s time for the folks in California’s Capitol to play let’s-make-a-deal – or actually, many deals.

Planets on Parade in June


An alignment known as a “planetary parade” will march across night skies starting June 3.

California Wants to Be Carbon-Neutral by 2045. What Does That Mean for Its Big Economic Drivers?


California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, flew more 6,000 miles to Rome this month to deliver a brief speech on climate change at a Vatican-sponsored conference.

‘We Have to Do Less With Less’: Cal State Faces Extra $500 Million Budget Gap


Two major forces are at play: Gov. Gavin Newsom scaled back his promise of increased financial support for Cal State, while university officials agreed to 5% salary increases earlier this year.

Apology for Slavery, Funding Frameworks for Reparations Advance


California lawmakers voted to offer an official apology for the state’s role in supporting slavery and moved several reparations bills but let others die.

Funding Secured for Floodplain Restoration


The office of Rep. Jimmy Panetta announced the award of a $6 million federal grant to support the Rancho Cañada Floodplain Restoration Project work being undertaken by the California State Coastal Conservancy.

Decadeslong Delta Tunnel Water Project May Finally Be Nearing a Historic Decision


It’s been almost a half-century since I first heard the term “peripheral canal” uttered by William Gianelli, who was then-Gov. Ronald Reagan’s top water official. The project, in one form or another, had already been kicking around for decades.

California Climate Programs Would Lose Billions in Newsom’s Budget


As funds for climate change programs are cut, Democrats and environmentalists are pushing for a bond measure on the ballot to restore some funding.

Why UC Grad Students Are Going Out on Strike


The job action starting today at UC Santa Cruz isn’t about pay, but instead is in response to how UC deployed police to clear pro-Palestinian encampments on campuses.

Researchers to Study Spring Bay Orcas


Researchers from the California Killer Whale Project and Vancouver-based Ocean Wise will be utilizing an innovative technique to study the local orca population.

Phil Opens Castroville Fishmarket


Phil DiGirolamo has finally opened the fish market part of his eponymous Phil's Fish Market and Eatery in Castroville.

$20 Billion: The Delta Tunnel’s New Price Tag


The centerpiece of California’s water wars pits Gov. Newsom against local communities and environmentalists. A new report says the benefits of the tunnel exceed the cost since other water supplies would cost more.

California’s Staggering Budget Deficit Squashes Hundreds of Bills


The state’s multibillion-dollar shortfall shapes which spending bills survived the ‘suspense file’ hearings by the Assembly and Senate appropriations committees.

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