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Braver Angels tackles a big issue: political polarization. Its mission is to “bridge the partisan divide and strengthen our democratic republic.” Volunteers work to find common ground between Americans on both sides of the aisle, and look for ways to work together.

The group was founded after the 2016 election by David Blankenhorn, Bill Doherty, and David Lapp. In December of 2016, they assembled 10 Trump supporters and 11 Clinton supporters in South Lebanon, Ohio, for the first of what would become a series of meetings called Red/Blue Workshops. The goal: To explore whether Americans could still disagree without launching into invective.

Toward that end, the group works to expand its membership and amplify voices of reason around the country through various programs. One way to get started is to participate in local workshops and debates—some of which are open to nonmembers.

Braver Angels Alliances are made up of volunteers who have participated in a Braver Angels workshop, have become dues-paying members, and want to continue to engage with other local members. Alliances have at least one red co-chair and one blue co-chair, with a goal of having no more than a 60/40 split in red and blue membership. And true independents who do not lean red or blue are welcome as well.

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