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Supervisor Don Nottoli

District 5

Currently in his seventh term, Don Nottoli has worked in his office since the late 1970s, serving 16 years as chief assistant to his predecessor, Toby Johnson.

When first elected in 1994, Nottoli refused to say anything negative about his opponent during his campaign, instead running “on his intimate knowledge of county government” and his time serving as Johnson’s alternate to a number of local groups, according to a Sacramento Bee article from that year. Nottoli has continued this approach, with a low-key demeanor and a reputation as a swing vote for the board on certain issues.

Nottoli announced in 2021 that he will not seek an eighth term, with the Galt Herald quoting him as saying, “I would hope to continue to serve my community in a different capacity—but different ways—and spend some time with the family and pursue things that would be of interest to me. I don’t know if that would be travel or exactly what that would be.”


Prior to his election to the board, Nottoli was first elected to the Galt High School District Board at age 22 in 1977. He followed this with a stint on the Galt High City Council. A lifelong Sacramento County resident, Nottoli and his wife, Brenda, live in Galt.

Nottoli has a bachelor’s degree in government and journalism from California State University, Sacramento.

Local Board Appointments: Basinwide‚Äč Air Pollution Control Council, Delta Protection Commission, Delta Stewardship Council, Freeport Regional Water Authority, Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency, Sacramento Cable Commission, Sacramento Employment & Training Agency, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, Sacramento Public Library Authority, Sacramento Regional Transit District, Sacramento Transportation Authority, Solid Waste Authority

Select Issues

Roadways and infrastructure: Politicians, even at the local level, sometimes win headlines by speaking out at public meetings or posting to Facebook about issues of national importance. This is not the style of Nottoli, who has no known social media pages and instead does the kind of colorless work that so often is local government.

“I think the need to invest in our deferred maintenance in our county streets and roads (is important),” Nottoli told the Elk Grove Citizen when he announced he wouldn’t seek re-election. “Also, I’ve focused, with the county, on infrastructure (such as) libraries. And the American River Parkway has its set of challenges, but it’s still a jewel of this region, and the county has a significant role in overseeing and maintaining (it).”

District Boundaries and Office Locations

Nottoli’s district includes much of southern Sacramento County and all or parts of the cities of Galt, Isleton, Elk Grove, and Rancho Cordova.

Office: 700 H St, Suite 2450, Sacramento, CA 95814 | nottolid@saccounty.net | (916) 874-5465 | fax: (916) 874-7593

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