Planning Commission


The Rancho Cordova City Council voted to reinstate the Planning Commission in November 2021. Members of the council appoint the seven Rancho Cordova residents to the commission. The seven planning commissioners include five regular members and two at-large members who reside in the city of Rancho Cordova. They assist the City Council by reviewing proposed city development projects and making recommendations. These recommendations could include approvals, denials or requests for changes to development projects. In some cases, development proposals will be heard by the City Council for final approval.

Commissioner Surender Devarapalli

Commissioner Sergio Diaz

Commissioner Lee Frechette

Commissioner Robert McGarvey

Commissioner Anil Reddy Kondakrindi

Commissioner Cynthia Stauss-Vlassopoulos

Commissioner Leroy Tripette

Past Members

Surender Devarapalli
Term ended: April 18, 2024
Sergio Diaz
Term ended: April 18, 2024
Lee Frechette
Term ended: April 18, 2024
Robert McGarvey
Term ended: April 18, 2024
Anil Reddy Kondakrindi
Term ended: April 18, 2024
Cynthia Stauss-Vlassopoulos
Term ended: April 18, 2024
Leroy Tripette
Term ended: April 18, 2024
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