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The Lodi Sandhill Crane Association celebrates one of the region’s most beloved part-time residents: the wintering flocks of Sandhill Cranes that return to the Delta every winter.

The association presents an annual festival and tours during the month of November. The event began in 1996 and grew larger with volunteers providing more outreach into the community of Lodi. These days, the association has connections throughout the country and accepts donations for the conservation and protection of the long-legged marsh birds.

After a long journey along the Pacific Flyway, the sandhill cranes arrive as the weather cools. The association welcomes them with a two-day festival, complete with workshops, an art show, activities for the youth, and merchandise. During the festival, exhibits and vendors are welcome, whether they be commercial or nonprofit. Though food is not free, many of the workshops are either free or low-cost.

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Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival’s Kathy Grant said the board of directors is hoping more young people come out to this year’s event, which will be held at Hutchins Street Square from Nov. 3-5.

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