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Address:   1250 San Carlos Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070


Caltrain is a rail service for commuters that ranges along the San Francisco Peninsula, through the South Bay and down to Gilroy. Caltrain as we know it today began in 1992, when the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board took control of operations. Caltrain’s mission is to provide a “safe, reliable, sustainable modern rail system that meets the growing mobility needs of the San Francisco Bay Area region.”

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Image for display with article titled One Injured in Caltrain Collision in San Martin

A Caltrain struck a vehicle on the tracks in the unincorporated community of San Martin in Santa Clara County on Monday night, a spokesperson for SamTrans said.

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California's high-speed rail system may be more than a decade away from construction, but the beleaguered project is casting a growing shadow over Palo Alto's plans to separate its streets from its rail tracks.

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Caltrain will be suspending its service between San Francisco and Millbrae stations the weekends of Oct. 7 and Oct. 14 to give way to the rail line's electrification project.

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Caltrain’s board declared an emergency to fast-track the repair but couldn’t get the permits between June 15 and Oct. 15, when construction is allowed in the creek, according to Rob Barnard, Caltrain’s deputy chief of design and construction.

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Caltrain will test an electric train that can charge its battery when running on tracks with overhead power and then use that battery power in non-electrified stretches, the transit agency's leaders announced.

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