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A boom for concealed carry classes, but long waits for permits

Many more gun owners are seeking California concealed carry permits, even in blue, coastal counties. Gov. Newsom and Democrats in the Legislature are trying again to limit where weapons are allowed.

Aumentan los desalojos y los inquilinos en el condado de Los √Āngeles buscan ayuda; protecciones terminan este 31 de Marzo

EN RESUMEN Las protecciones de inquilinos del condado de Los √Āngeles afectados por la pandemia del Covid-19¬† vencen el 31 de marzo. Pero los defensores ya predicen un aumento en los desalojos, ya que los propietarios est√°n buscando una recuperaci√≥n ‚Ķ

Evictions rise, tenants scramble for help as LA County protections expire

L.A. County's tenant pandemic protections expire March 31. But already advocates predict a spike in evictions, as landlords seek financial recovery.

CalMatters journalists nominated 7 times in Sacramento Press Club Awards

The 3rd Annual Sacramento Press Club Awards honor the best California politics and policy journalism.

How the California Reparations Task Force is crafting its recommendations

As the California Reparations Task Force finalizes its recommendations for the Legislature, a member lays out the committee's guiding principles and how their work aligns with international protocols and the examples set by other countries that provided reparations.

Labor hits back on business-led CA ballot measures

From CalMatters state Capitol reporter Sameea Kamal: It’s become a key part of the big business playbook: If an industry doesn’t like a California law, it uses the referendum process to try and overturn it. Already on the November 2024 …

Should California referendum law become harder to use?

California business interests increasingly use ballot measures to block or delay laws imposing new regulations. Progressive groups want to make such actions more difficult.

Fallo judicial abre la puerta a proyecto de ley para sindicalizar a conductores temporales, dicen activistas

EN RESUMEN Un fallo judicial la semana pasada respaldó la mayor parte de una iniciativa para trabajadores temporales realizada en 2020, pero encontró que parte de la medida no era válida. La parte anulada por el tribunal abre la puerta …

Mobile home parks offer refuge from California’s housing squeeze. Who’s watching them?

Mobile home parks are a last bastion of unsubsidized affordable housing in California. But when the health and safety of their residents is on the line, is the state doing enough to help?

CalPERS pagar√° $800 millones en acuerdo judicial por reclamos de que enga√Ī√≥ a los jubilados sobre los costos del seguro de atenci√≥n a largo plazo

EN RESUMEN Los trabajadores jubilados del gobierno de California obtendrán decenas de miles de dólares si renuncian a su seguro de atención a largo plazo. Read this article in English. CalPERS se está preparando para pagar aproximadamente $800 millones para …

Homelessness, rehabilitation and health care: What to know about Newsom’s legacy tour

Gov. Gavin Newsom starts defining his legacy on a four-day statewide tour that focuses on priorities interrupted by crisis and the COVID pandemic, including homelessness, criminal justice and health care.

CalPERS to pay $800 million settlement over claims it misled retirees on costs of long-term care insurance

Retired California government workers will get tens of thousands of dollars if they give up their long-term care insurance.

AI poses difficult policy questions. California lawmakers should answer them

Artificial intelligence will pour gasoline onto existing tech battles while also introducing a whole new set of policy problems. With partisan gridlock hindering Washington D.C., the early battles could be waged in Sacramento.

Court ruling opens door to gig driver unionization bill, union says

A court ruling last week upheld much of a 2020 gig-worker initiative, but found part of the measure was invalid. The part the court struck down opens the door to driver unionization legislation, according to labor advocates challenging the initiative.

Who’s watching out for residents of CA mobile home parks?

It‚Äôs no surprise that California has an affordable housing crisis. It has squeezed 500,000 people out of the state and forced tens of thousands onto its streets. But there‚Äôs an oft-overlooked group of Californians ‚ÄĒ 1.6 million of them ‚ÄĒ ‚Ķ

After court ruling, California’s gig worker battle takes new turn

A California appellate court ruling added a new twist to the legal and political battle over the status of gig workers, which dates back to 2004. However, the conflict is likely just shifting to another arena.

Image caption: Valerie Jarrett with the commander in chief in the Blue Room of the White House in 2010.
What Is Civic Engagement?

President Obama’s closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett, created and ran the White House Office of Public Engagement. Because democracy.

Marion Joseph’s literacy crusade for teaching phonics in California is paying off

Marion Joseph battled for years to improve the reading skills of California youngsters through phonics instruction. She died last year but phonics is becoming the state's favored method of overcoming California's literacy crisis.

Image caption: What role did the self-described "libertarian" venture capitalist play in SVB's collapse?
Did Peter Thiel Cause the Collapse of SVB?

Peter Thiel, the Donald Trump supporting Silicon Valley billionaire and venture capitalist, may have played a big role inthe bank run that ended in the failure of Silicon Valley Bank. But why?

Waiving California environmental rules for Delta water equates to a civil rights issue

Despite reversing course last week, the February decision by Gov. Gavin Newsom and state water officials to bypass environmental rules for water storage allowed greater harm to salmon populations already besieged by drought. Native American tribal members argue that such …

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