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The executive branch of the state of California is overseen by the Office of the Governor and includes elected officials and administrators. The judicial branch includes the California Supreme Court and all the lower courts in the state, and it interprets and applies laws at state and local levels. The California Legislature has two branches—the State Assembly and the Senate—that vote on state laws and draft legislation.

State Senators Representing Santa Cruz County

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California Forest Resilience Task Force Holds Forum on Wildfire Management

The all-day seminar featured California Natural Resources Agency Secretary Wade Crowfoot and other experts.

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How Free Trips Lead to Bills

Members of the California Legislature took nearly $1 million worth of trips sponsored by interest groups in 2022. The California Foundation on the Environment and the Economy accounted for 40% of the travel spending. Over the years, some of its …

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NAACP Lobbies Sacramento Legislators


The California/Hawaii NAACP lobbied legislators in Sacramento in support of four priority bills that address racial injustice and discrimination in California.

New Bill Creates Path to Freedom for Those Serving Life Without Parole


The state Senate passed a bill authored by Sen. Dave Cortese that would allow judges to review the cases of people serving life if they have been incarcerated for at least 25 years. Judges would consider which cases would be eligible for evaluation.

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