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The California Coalition for Rural Housing has been working since 1976 to provide affordable housing options for rural and low-income individuals and families.

It’s no secret that California’s real estate prices rarely deflate, and just like most of the state this is also true in rural areas, where those seeking housing can’t keep up with the competition and demand. The California Coalition for Rural Housing (CCRH) was formed in 1976 after a farmworker housing conference. Today it is considered to be one of the oldest housing coalitions in the nation benefiting low-income residents. 

CCRH advocates for low-income and rural families through research, technical assistance, and organizing realistic and reachable housing options. The organization also work tirelessly to make the case for housing improvements. CCRH members are nonprofit owners and public developers, as well as local politicians and activists. CCRH also leads the way with an American Indian Community Development project.

The CCRH Board of Directors is comprised of well over two dozen individuals from a variety of backgrounds working together to improve the quality and protect the future of rural and low-income housing.

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