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Parent Teacher Home Visits consists of voluntary teacher visits to student homes with a goal to strengthen the family-educator relationship.

Parent Teacher Home Visits was first established 25 years ago, developing a model that was co-created by parents and educators. Drawing upon the principles of shared leadership, the method of Parent Teacher Home Visits consists of educators voluntarily visiting the homes of their students with the goal to open communication, strengthen relationships, and take back experiences that enhance the classroom learning environment.

After completing the Parent Teacher Home Visit training, teachers can visit the homes of their students for brief periods of time—usually around 30 to 40 minutes. During that time, educators listen, ask questions, and observe how the child’s home functions. Usually, a student can expect to receive two home visits; their home life should serve to inspire how the teacher runs the classroom. Providing optimal learning at school is the ultimate goal, and the home visits oftentimes also help enhance support at home.

The first home visit is typically an “ice breaker” that focuses on hopes, dreams, likes, and dislikes. The second visit is more academically based, assisting students in meeting their educational goals.

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