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Santa Cruz YIMBY describes itself as a grass-roots organization for people who want to see more housing built in their communities.

Santa Cruz YIMBY believes that creating more housing creates more opportunity to drive less and walk more, and that more housing means more competitive pricing.

The movement known as YIMBY (“Yes in My Backyard”) has sprung up in cities nationwide in response to the housing crisis, and is hoping to counter the opponents of development who have often been accused of crying “NIMBY (Not in My Backyard).”

Santa Cruz YIMBY was launched by Evan Siroky in 2017. In a January 2018 interview with the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Siroky described his mission: “People need places to live. Should be obvious that there is not enough housing. There is overcrowding going on, and rent prices are astronomical. The amount of building compared to population increase is not close to keeping pace. People are starting to realize there is a pro-housing movement going on. There is a habit of opposing new housing. That needs to change. New housing is a new opportunity for people.”

Santa Cruz Yimby hosts meetings on the second Thursday of the month from 4 to 6 p.m. The location of the meetings changes regularly and is announced via Facebook and Twitter.

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Consider getting involved by volunteering your time, donating money, or both. Above you can learn about what services Santa Cruz YIMBY provides to the community and easily volunteer, donate, register for services, or connect with them on social media. Visit the Santa Cruz County Community Groups directory to see a comprehensive list of organizations on all subjects that are relevant to creating a vibrant local community.

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