What’s New @CALocal: September 2023

We’ve been busy making California Local better.

PUBLISHED SEP 23, 2023 3:45 A.M.
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The tricky part is putting it all together.

The tricky part is putting it all together.   Corona Borealis Studio   Shutterstock/standard

There are thousands of articles and listings of governmental entities and community groups in our database. We recently added some new features to find and bookmark information of interest. We also made it one-click easy to connect with your local elected representatives.

Let’s dive in and explore the new stuff!

1. Sorting and Searching the News

5817-new-search-sort.jpgWith so much local news in our database, and more being written by our team or imported from our media allies, it can be hard to keep track of the news you're intersted in. 

We've made it easier to sort or search in the News dropdown menu at the top of every page.

You can sort by topic to see all the news about local community groups or local governments.  Or select from one of over two dozen topics like Animals, Families & Children, Transportation, Veterans, Water, etc.

You can also use the Search News form to find articles via keywords in their title or content.

2. Advanced Search


Members can now search for news, community groups or elected representatives in different counties or all of the counties in our coverage area.

The advanced search feature is available to California Local members when signed in, as an option in the member profile dropdown menu at the top of every page. (You can become a member here for free in 30 seconds. 

3. In-app Bookmarks

5829-my-bookmarks-4.jpgBookmarks are now available to California Local members.

When signed in, you can bookmark articles, government and community group directory listings and local media allies.

Once an item is bookmarked, it's one-click easy to get back to it from the My Bookmarks option in your member profile menu.


4. Easily Contact Your Elected Representatives

5827-my-reps-2.jpgWe made it easy for California Local members to instantly find our listings of the elected officials who represent them, at both the local and state levels.

When signed in, it’s one-click easy to get to the list by clicking on the My Reps option in the member profile menu at the top of every page.

5. New Weather Map

We went into more detail in the article linked below about the spiffy new weather map that tracks weather, air quality, fires, floods and earthquakes.

Detail of interactive map that delivers real-time information drawn from reliable sources.

Distributing Ground Truth by Mapping the Situation

Social media were once very good at sharing reliable first-hand information about fires, floods, etc. Not any more. Here’s an alternative.


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