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The executive branch of the state of California is overseen by the Office of the Governor and includes elected officials and administrators. The judicial branch includes the California Supreme Court and all the lower courts in the state, and it interprets and applies laws at state and local levels. The California Legislature has two branches—the State Assembly and the Senate—that vote on state laws and draft legislation.

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As California Celebrates Diversity, It Also Confronts Hate

Californiaā€™s Legislature has become more diverse than ever. At the same time, a rally against transgender healthcare was held at the state Capitol and anti-semitism in the state is on the rise.

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California Bill Would Force Big Tech to Pay for Content from Local News Outlets

The California Journalism Preservation Act directs big tech companies to pay publishers a ā€œjournalism usage feeā€ each time they use local news content and sell advertising alongside it. In turn, the bill requires news publishers to invest 70% of the ā€¦

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Silicon Valley Lawmaker Says ā€˜Missing Middleā€™ Canā€™t Afford Housing


One Silicon Valley lawmaker wants the state to get into the housing market to assistĀ residents who earnĀ too much to qualify for low-income housing, but don't earn enough to afford a market-rate home.

Cornel West Backs Proposed Ban on Caste-Based Discrimination


Civil rights philosopher and California native Dr. Cornel West is supporting a proposal authored by Sen. Aisha Wahab (D-Fremont) to make discrimination on the basis of caste illegal in California.

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