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Newsom displays penchant for shiny new things on California tour

California Gov. Gavin Newson shunned a traditional State of the State address this month and instead toured the state to unveil new programs for social ills.

Image caption: We're working to make it easier for you to find your way around this awesome state by improving our site architecture and User Interface, and building out two new editorial products.
California Local's Spring 2023 Roadmap

Several projects are underway to make California Local beautiful and more functional. We're working hard to make it even easier for our members to citizen. (And remember: 'Citizen' is a verb!)

Image caption: State of Jefferson is only the best-known of dozens of plans for counties to secede from the state of California.
All About the Plan to Break Up California

State of Jefferson may be the best-known secessionist movement, but starting before California became a state, there have been at lest 220 efforts to divide the state into two pieces, or even more.

Image caption: The State of Jefferson Double-X flag symbolizes the California's supposed "double cross" of its northern counties.
State of the State of Jefferson

State of Jefferson is a movement by northern counties to secede from California and form a new state. Here's everything you need to know about this secessionist movement, which started in 1941 and remains strong today.

State lifts target for 15% water conservation

California ended its voluntary statewide target, triggering concerns from experts that many water supplies remain depleted. Other drought measures remain in place.

Corporations are some of the worst polluters. This California bill keeps them honest

Supporters of a bill reintroduced this year requiring large corporations to disclose their carbon emissions argue it will empower consumers, disrupt greenwashing and help spotlight sustainable companies for others to model.

California rescinde su objetivo del 15% de conservaci贸n de agua a medida que se acerca otra tormenta

EN RESUMEN California finaliz贸 su objetivo estatal voluntario, lo que provoc贸 la preocupaci贸n de los expertos de que muchos suministros de agua siguen agotados. Otras medidas de sequ铆a siguen vigentes. Read this article in English. Con la Sierra Nevada cubierta 鈥

New reporters, editors and fundraising professionals join CalMatters

Our latest key hires bring an amazing range of skills and experience to our team.

Bill requiring corporations to report emissions could backfire on Californians

Opponents of a bill reintroduced this year requiring large corporations to disclose their carbon emissions argue it could increase costs for California consumers and fail to promote transparency.

Can suicide hotline help CA Native Americans?

From 2018 to 2021, 109 Native Americans took their own lives in California. Can the new national hotline help save some lives? This week in Sacramento, Assemblymember James Ramos, a member of the Serrano/Cahuilla tribe who is the first Native 鈥

Western water crisis solutions inevitably end with a lot less for California farms

The water crisis in the West and the decline of the Colorado River are going to require painful changes for Southern California farms, and a lot less water.

What the decay of one mobile home park means for affordable housing in California

In the new episode of "Gimme Shelter: The California Housing Crisis Podcast," CalMatters Housing Reporter Manuela Tobias shares her findings from a five-month investigation on California鈥檚 mobile home parks, the last stop in housing affordability for the state鈥檚 most vulnerable 鈥

Newsom鈥檚 oil profit penalty passes first test

From CalMatters鈥 politics reporter Alexei Koseff: Whatever lingering concerns legislative Democrats may have about Gov. Gavin Newsom's recently revised proposal to punish oil companies for high gas prices, they seem ready to pass it anyway 鈥 and fast. The bill 鈥

California workers can鈥檛 get timely hearings on wage theft claims. State orders audit.

It takes the state nearly 800 days 鈥 four times longer than is legal 鈥 to handle wage claims. Lawmakers ordered an audit to start Sept. 1, if agency issues aren鈥檛 addressed by then.

Los autos el茅ctricos son inexistentes en comunidades latinas y afroamericanas; 驴Qui茅nes son los compradores?

EN RESUMEN Las comunidades con altas concentraciones de autos el茅ctricos son pr贸speras, con educaci贸n universitaria y al menos 75% con poblaciones de raza blanca y asi谩tica. En contraste, los autos el茅ctricos son casi inexistentes en las comunidades de raza negra, 鈥

California podr铆a reducir su nuevo programa de pr茅stamos hipotecarios dise帽ado para ayudar a primeros compradores de vivienda

EN RESUMEN El gobernador Newsom quiere gastar $300 millones el primer a帽o, lo que podr铆a ayudar a unos 2,300 compradores. Pero los precios de las viviendas est谩n cayendo y las tasas hipotecarias est谩n aumentando, lo que complica el lanzamiento del 鈥

Who buys electric cars in California 鈥 and who doesn鈥檛?

Communities with high concentrations of electric cars are affluent, college-educated and at least 75% white and Asian 鈥 revealing the enormous task that California faces electrifying the entire fleet.

Hydrogen might be carbon-free but it can still damage California鈥檚 climate

A growing body of research warns that hydrogen itself can be a powerful contributor to global warming but neither local agencies nor California regulators seem to be paying attention.

State may scale down its new home loan program designed to assist first-time homebuyers

Gov. Newsom wants to spend $300 million the first year, which could help about 2,300 buyers. But home prices are falling and mortgage rates are rising, complicating the launch.

More pain for CA forced sterilization patients

Patients who were already victimized once by California鈥檚 forced sterilization program 鈥 and who are running out of time to claim state compensation 鈥 were nearly victimized again. This time, it鈥檚 because of a data breach that exposed their personal 鈥

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