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Dream Catchers serves as a support structure for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as their families.

Dream Catchers is a program in El Dorado County that provides opportunties for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities to engage, socialize, create, and gain valuable life skills. There are five regular programs as well as special events. These ongoing programs include the following:

Independence Day Program—A pre-employment day program to teach job skills, social skills, and more.

In-Person Theater—Weekly, semester-long theater education and performance opportunities. Students learn both traditional musicals and original works.

Online Theater—Similar to the in-person program, but all virtual. Script writing opportunities also happen online. 

Job Skills Program—For those exhibiting a high level of indepedence, this program will help with résumé writing, job applications, and interview skills.

The Dream Home—While still a dream itself, the Dream Home will be a transitional living house for semi-independent individuals with a 24/7 caretaker to assist residents.

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