Image of City of Sand City seal. 

Address:   1 Sylvan Way, Sand City, CA 93955


City Clerk

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Department head: Kerry Lindstrom

1 Pendergrass Way, Sand City, CA 93955

Phone: (831) 394-3054, ext 220; fax: (831) 394-2472

The City Clerk’s office maintains a record of activities by the City Council and Successor Agency of the former Redevelopment Agency. The office receives and files all petitions, appeals and lawsuits; is the custodian of the City Seal; and ensures that internal and external requests for city records are properly handled. The City Clerk also serves as the elections official and oversees the receipt of Fair Political Practices regulations, statements of economic interest, campaign disclosure statements, and other legal documents.

Open Mon-Thurs 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Closed Fridays and holidays.

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