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These California Schools Connect Kids to Community Services. Will They Survive Budget Cuts?


Gov. Gavin Newsom launched the community school initiative with $4.1 billion in grants to connect students and their families to medical care, counseling and other services.

MPCC President, CEO Named to CalChamber Board of Directors


Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Monica Lal will be adding to her repertoire with her appointment to the California Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

New PG Museum Director Chosen for Community Engagement Background


Changes are coming to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, starting with the arrival of its new executive director, Dr. Rachel Miller, in early March.

Leon Panetta to Be Inducted Into California Hall of Fame


Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta will be inducted into the California Hall of Fame in a Feb. 6 ceremony. He will be part of the 17th class of leaders.

Students Make Waves to Protect Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary


Students throughout the nation have been engaging in environmental stewardship projects, as part of NOAA’s Ocean Guardian School program.

Dorothy’s Place in Salinas Marks 42 Years of Helping Chronically Unsheltered


Dorothy’s Place, a nonprofit that provides essential services and transitional support to people experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty, unveils a new sustainability plan.

Big Sur Food & Wine Announces Grant Recipients


The Big Sur Food & Wine Foundation has awarded 17 grants worth a record $225,000 to local organizations with funds raised in 2023. Activities included the Big Sur Fashion Show, the Ferrari Event at the Barnyard, and more.

Big Sur Chamber Chief Departs After Nearly 25 Years


A long-serving business community leader in Big Sur has called it quits after being at the helm of an organization that served not only businesses but the populace during good and bad times.

Why California Community Colleges Struggle to Create Diverse Faculties and Staff


‚ÄúProgress remains slow,‚ÄĚ according to a recent report on faculty diversity at California‚Äôs community colleges. For Nikia Chaney, the sole full-time Black faculty member at Cabrillo College, the experience is personal.

How One California School System Raised Test Scores for Black Students


Emery Unified took a targeted approach, including paying teachers extra to stay after school and tutor students.

California Presses Universities to Return Thousands of Native American Remains and Artifacts to Local Tribes


State audits of the University of California and the California State University found both systems have failed to comply with decades-old state and federal laws mandating the return of Native ancestral remains and cultural artifacts. Only UCLA and Cal State Long Beach have returned a majority of their collections.

New Law Could Help Undocumented California College Students Get Financial Aid


The financial aid application for undocumented students is cumbersome and confusing, and many students aren’t completing the forms. A new law streamlines the process.

Domestic Violence Shelters Play a Key Role in Fighting Homelessness. Now They Face Deep Funding Cuts


Federal funding for domestic violence shelters and housing programs is declining. Advocates want the state to step in, but with a record projected deficit new spending is unlikely.

Are the Kids All Right? New California K-12 Performance Data is Out


Despite a few improvements, results show students are still struggling on several fronts.

Newsom Blasts Counties for Dragging Feet Over New Mental Health Law


All but two California counties are delaying their implementation of a new law that makes it easier for a court to place someone in involuntary confinement if they can’t care for their own medical needs or personal safety.

Cal State Faculty Begins Walkouts Over Salary Hikes


The California Faculty Association is seeking a 12 percent pay increase, while university officials counter with 5 percent in each of the next three years.

State Invested $53 Million in Teaching Low-Performing Kids to Read. Here's How it's Paying Off


In 2020, the state agreed to a settlement in a lawsuit that claimed too many students were not learning to read. As part of that agreement, the state spent over $50 million on 75 schools with the lowest reading scores.

Border Patrol Dumped 42,000 migrants on San Diego Streets. The County Needs Help to Help Them


San Diego-area nonprofits and faith organizations struggle to provide for tens of thousands of migrants border agents have released on San Diego streets.

Soup for a Cause Dishes Out Funds for Pajaro Valley Prevention and Student Assistance


If there’s one way to alleviate colder weather, it’s with a steaming hot bowl of soup. Pajaro Valley Prevention and Student Assistance provided exactly that.

With DACA Eligibility for Undocumented Students Dwindling, California Colleges Struggle to Find New Ways to Help


Most undocumented college students in California are not eligible for DACA anymore, creating new dilemmas for students and colleges around employment, financial aid and the threat of deportation.

Big Breakthrough for Food Access in Monterey County


The Double Up Food Bucks program‚ÄĒwith its proven ability to connect food-insecure families and individuals to more fresh produce‚ÄĒofficially debuted in Monterey County.

Flooded California Towns Got Millions in Aid. But Residents, State at Odds Over How to Spend it


Residents of Planada and Pajaro want state aid to help alleviate debt incurred from rebuilding after January floods. Local officials want some money to go elsewhere.

Community Bridges Assists Pajaro Families Facing Eviction


In the wake of approximately 24 families facing evictions from a Pajaro apartment complex as the property's owners prepare to work through violations cited by Monterey County, Watsonville-based nonprofit Community Bridges has intervened to assist those families.

Families Struggle to Pay Power Bills, but California Regulators May Hike Prices


Millions of people across the state struggle to pay electric bills as California regulators decide on proposed rate increases. PG&E wants a rate hike to bolster the safety and reliability of its services.

Community College Student Services: An Urgent Need. But Has California Law Kept Up Since the ’60s?


State law requires community colleges to spend at least half their general fund on instructors. But administrators say they want more flexibility to pay for the growing need for student services.

Tiny Homes for the Homeless‚ÄĒDo They Help Solve the Problem?


Tiny homes are increasingly California cities‚Äô shelter option of choice ‚ÄĒ but how far they go in solving homelessness is a contentious question.

California’s Broadband Plan Sold Low-Income Regions Short, Advocates Say


After years of planning a broadband system to bridge California’s digital divide, officials deprioritized some low-income areas due to unexpected costs. Gov. Gavin Newsom says he’s committed to funding the entire network, but advocates are skeptical.

California Student Test Scores Remain Low


Despite an influx of money to counter learning loss during the pandemic, English language arts and math test scores remain low.

Colleges Take Steps to Weed Out AI-Written Application Essays


With the growing use of AI, campus officials are trying to set clear guidelines for college application essays.

Climate Change Took Them to ‚ÄėDark Places.‚Äô Now These Californians are Doing Something About it


The facts of climate change can lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair. Some California activists are creating communities for people to talk about those feelings.

Public Utilities Commission to Vote on Plan That Could Make it Harder to Power Homes With Solar


The CPUC is considering a rule that would gut the payments that solar panels on apartment buildings receive, and many housing groups are blazing mad about it.

California Community College Enrollment On the Rise, But One Group Lags Behind


After a historic decline in community college enrollment during the pandemic, students are returning to school again, according to the state’s most recent data. But students between the ages of 20 and 30 are lagging behind.


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