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Image caption: Six of the nine Supreme Court justices, all appointed by Republican presidents, have voted to end affirmative action.
Supreme Court Bans Affirmative Action: What it Means for California

The Supreme Court has now overturned decades of precedent in a new ruling that bans affirmative action, the consideration of race in college admissions as a way to create campus diversity.

Image caption: The future of at-large city elections, a crucial voting rights issue, is now in the hands of the California Supreme Court.
At-Large vs. District Elections Case Heard at State Supreme Court

In a landmark case, California's Supreme Court will decide if cities must switch their at-large elections to a voting-by-district system after hearing oral arguments the Pico Neighborhood Association v. Santa Monica voting rights case June 27.

Image caption: California looks to send a huge bond issue to voters, to prepare the state for extreme climate events.
$15.5 Billion ‚ÄėClimate Bond' Headed For 2024 Ballot

The California legislature is readying a $15.5 billion bond issue to address climate resiliency for voters to approve on the 2024 state ballot, after the budget shortfall forced billions in cuts to climate spending.

Image caption: Newsom announced his push for a Constitutional Amendment to regulate guns on his Twitter account.
Newsom Pitches Constitutional Amendment on Guns

Gov. Gavin Newsom took to his Twitter account to propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would regulate gun sales and use nationwide, in a way that courts cannot change.

Image caption: California ranks seventh in wind power, with 3.5 percent of all U.S. wind energy produced here.
California Inches Toward Renewable Energy Goal

Renewable energy sources provided 37 percent of California electricity in 2021, a new record for the state as it moves toward its 2045 goal of 100 percent clean energy. Battery storage will play a huge role in reaching that goal.

Image caption: Clinicians will have two weeks to decide whether a mentally ill person qualifies for the CARE Court system.
Mental Health CARE Court System Debuts in October

California’s new CARE Court system that compels treatment for people with severe mental illness is set to roll out in seven counties this October, despite efforts by civil liberties groups to stop it.

Image caption: California’s 1,000 megawatts of power from the Colorado River’s Hoover Dam have been in jeopardy.
California To Cut Colorado River Water Use

California will cut use of water from the Colorado River drastically under a new agreement announced by the Biden Administration on May 22. Nevada and Arizona have also agreed to the cuts.

Image caption: Unless you're very rich, California is an easier place to live for taxpayers than the Lone Star State.
Texas Taxes Lower Than California’s? How the States Compare

Texas often claims to have lower taxes than California. But a new study by WalletHub shows that California's overall tax burden is significantly less, and that California does better for lower and middle income taxpayers.

Image caption: Artificial intelligence, experts say, is moving closer toward matching human intelligence. Should we stop it?
Should AI Developers Take a 6-Month Break?

Artificial intelligence development is moving fast. Elon Musk and others are now calling for AI researchers to pause for six months to ensure safety and ethical measures are put in place.

Image caption: A memorial to the seven victims slain in a mass shooting in Half Man Bay in January 2023.
Mass Shootings in California: 2023 Has Been a Bad Year

Three mass shootings with at least six fatalities have already taken place in California in 2023, resulting in 25 deaths. Statistically however, California has been below average for the United States in rate of mass shooting deaths.

Image caption: What role did the self-described "libertarian" venture capitalist play in SVB's collapse?
Did Peter Thiel Cause the Collapse of SVB?

Peter Thiel, the Donald Trump supporting Silicon Valley billionaire and venture capitalist, may have played a big role inthe bank run that ended in the failure of Silicon Valley Bank. But why?

Image caption: The government has avoided calling its plan to pay off SVB depositors a "bailout." But is it?
Silicon Valley Bank Collapse: the Causes and Bailout

SVB lobbied hard for bank deregulation, which may have led to its own failure. And depositors blew past limits on federal insurance, knowing they would lose their cash if the bank went under unless the government saved them. Here’s how …

Image caption: Heavy storms prompted the state to extend tax deadlines for most California residents.
Storms Could Make Newsom’s Budget Problems Worse

Climate change driven storms are creating new problems for Gavin Newsom and California's budget process, which is already reeling from a projected $25 billion deficit that emerged after a $97 billion surplus disappeared.

Image caption: Can YouTube be held liable for a deadly terrorist attack if its algorithm recommended ISIS videos?
SCOTUS Takes on Section 230, the Online Free Speech Law

The U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday heard arguments in a potential landmark case that could roll back Section 230, the 27-year-old law that protects free speech on social media and other online platforms. Which way were the justices leaning?

Image caption: Dianne Feinstein began her career in government six years before current Gov. Gavin Newsom was born.
Dianne Feinstein ‚ÄėCharted Own Path‚Äô in Legendary Career

Dianne Feinstein, California's longtime senior U.S. Senator, has announced she will end a legendary career in public life that began in 1961 and took off amidst the turbulent, violent era of San Francisco in the 1970s.

Image caption: Memorial dedicated to the victims of the May 2022  mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.
Gun Violence is a Public Health Crisis

State and local officials are still asking law enforcement to prevent gun violence. Community leaders believe gun violence should be treated as a public health crisis, and incorporate prevention strategies that address the social factors in areas most at risk.

Image caption: Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed $6 billion in cuts to programs designed to fight climate change.
As Storm Batters California, Newsom Calls for Climate Cuts

With a projected $25 billion deficit, Newsom proposes slashing $6 billion from climate change programs even as a historic storm likely driven by climate change batters the state.

Image caption: Levi's Stadium, which is owned by the city of Santa Clara and leased to the San Francisco 49ers, has become a virtual battleground.
49ers-Backed Santa Clara Councilmembers Accused of Cover-Up

The 49ers PAC spent an unprecedented $3 million on Anthony Becker, Sudhanshu ‚ÄúSuds‚ÄĚ Jain, and Kevin Park's campaigns. Now they and two of their peers must respond to lack of transparency and cover-up charges from the Civil Grand Jury, and ‚Ķ

Image caption: Elon Musk is now in control of the world's most influential social media outlet. What happens next?
What Elon Musk Really Wants From Twitter

Elon Musk says he plans to make Twitter a haven for 'free speech,' but a look at his list of investors suggests that the world's richest person may have other reasons for purchasing the highly influential social media platform.

Image caption: Why has the future of legalized sports betting in California suddenly become so bleak?
The Future of Sports Betting in California Looks Dim

California will likely reject legal sports betting, despite being the state with the most pro sports franchises and the biggest potential gambling market.

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