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The Wilderness Land Trust “keeps the promise of wilderness” by working to transfer private land to public ownership while protecting wilderness.

In 1964, the Wilderness Act created a global system of 765 wilderness areas where “man is a visitor that does not remain.” Today, a National Wilderness Preservation System serves as a safe harbor for countless amounts of different animal species, while also allowing humans to enjoy them in their natural habitats without causing any disruption.

As an organization, they work to have a reverence for the land around them as well as for the life living within it. The Wilderness Land Trust has ensured a long legacy of protected forests, mountains, and bodies of water through acquiring private land fairly and converting it into public use that is safe and full of natural wilderness.

The Wilderness Land Trust is the only national conservation organization solely dedicated to purchasing privately owned lands within designated and proposed wilderness areas to remove land management conflicts stemming from commercial, industrial and residential development. The group is still aware of approximately 180,000 acres of private land that rightly belongs to the public in all states except Alaska and Hawaii and will continue to work toward freeing this land and making it accessible to future generations. 

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