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8707 N Lake Blvd, Kings Beach, CA 96143

After operating as Arts for the Schools for four decades, this Tahoe-area group is now known as Fox Cultural Hall. Events at the hall in Kings Beach will be expanded to include artistic performances, classes, workshops, clubs, and arts programming for the area’s rural communities and schools.

Under its original name, Arts for the Schools started after a 1978 ruling on California’s Prop 13 unintendedly yanked away a good chunk of educational funding, which prompted Arts for the Schools to form and fill in the gaps by providing visual and performing arts education for 10,000 kids per year in grades K-12.

The nonprofit group operates three school programs and two public programs. Its Visual Arts program integrates science, math, and reading while its Performing Arts program brings in critically acclaimed performing artists to help promote cultural learning. The Community School program involves more musical training, visual arts, and career guidance for at-risk youth and those with behavioral problems.

The organization also hosts two programs for the public. Its onSTAGE Live events showcase admired dance, theater performers and musicians as well as other progressive art forms that inspire, delight, and entertain students and the community. The arTRAIN component is a free training program for classroom teachers and schools showing how to effectively integrate arts into their curriculum.

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