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Headwaters Science Institute allows kids to use their curiosity to do good in the world by learning how to conduct important environmental research projects out in the field.

Participants improve their problem-solving abilities and become more effective members of society. Based in Soda Springs (off I-80 by Sugar Bowl Ski Resort), the Headwaters Science Institute is managed by a team of grad students, parents, professional scientists, and community members who relay to the next generation of explorers what they learned during their own scientific pursuits.

In reaching its mission to inspire informed citizens who (hopefully) go on to pursue science careers, Headwaters Science Institute teaches programs online, at local schools, and at its Northern California field site. During its camps, classes, and field trips, students are presented with opportunities to apply hands-on scientific methods and generate a positive impact for society through their engagement within Headwaters’ SDR (Student Driven Research) framework.

There are plenty of ways to get involved and support youth scientists at Headwaters through volunteering, attending events, or donating to the organization.

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