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California Police Activities League is a nonprofit organization that fosters positive relationship between young people and police officers. It provides youth-oriented programs and training that helps reduce juvenile crime. The PAL operates multiple chapters around the state.

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Right-Wing Takeover of SoCal School Board Stirs Angst


Students and teachers alike are decrying the actions of the Temecula Valley Unified School District board, which became conservative in majority following the recent elections of three members. The board’s actions include banning critical race theory and mandating parental notification if their child is transgender.

Stolen Blue Shield of California Data Could Hit Dark Web


Hackers stole data this week from Blue Shield of California. Historically, this type of data has sometimes wound up for sale on what’s known as the dark web, the part of the internet not typically included in search engine results.

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Debate on Tahoe forest health best practices continue on cusp of timber mill opening

Over the last century, scientists, environmentalists, the U.S. Forest Service, the government, ecologists, firefighters, and Indigenous people have all had different opinions about best logging and forest management practices. Whether that's to help mitigate fire risk, create construction materials, or …

Tahoe Daily Tribune logo LOCAL NEWS
Liberty Utilities working to prevent wildfires through multiple mitigation efforts

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif.— In an effort to combat wildfires in the region and upgrade systems to top-notch safety standards, Liberty Utilities has unveiled their Wildfire Mitigation and Vegetation Management Plan in the Tahoe/Sierra region. 

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Northstar Community Service District GM announces retirement; Mike Geary to be appointed Assistant GM

NORTHSTAR, Calif. – After two decades of dedicated service to the Northstar Community Services District, General Manager Mike Staudenmayer has announced his retirement effective in December 2024. Staudenmayer made this announcement during the NCSD's monthly Board Meeting, marking the end …

Image caption: How does social media affect the minds and well-being of children? According to California and other states, not well.
California Sues Meta For Damaging Kids’ Mental Health

California and 32 other states are suing Instagram’s parent company, Meta, saying that their apps are damaging to children. Is there evidence for those claims? Here’s why social media is under attack.

Tahoe Daily Tribune logo LOCAL NEWS
Agency crosses state line to provide faster air response to future fires in Tahoe

Kris Kirkland leans over from the hanger bench at the Minden-Tahoe Airport and looks out the open helicopter bay. On clear days, the pilot can see the burn scars from two or three fires in plain sight.

Image caption: A ban on assault weapons is just one of 107 California gun control laws.
California Gun Control Laws and Mass Shootings

California has more gun laws than any other state. Here's how it took a series of mass shootings to make the state the toughest in the country on guns.

Image caption: A terrifying incident in which a Cruise car dragged a pedestrian who had been hit by a different car led the DMV to take the cars off the road.
State DMV and CPUC Both Pull Self-Driving Cruise Taxis From Road

A recent incident in San Francisco spurred the Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Public Utilities Commission to suspend the licenses for Cruise’s driverless cars.

Sierra Sun logo LOCAL NEWS
First chain control of the season in effect on I-80

TRUCKEE, Calif. – Chain controls are in effect on Interstate 80 from the Donner Lake Interchange to Kingvale in both directions. "Roads are extremely slick, so slow down and increase your following distance," a Facebook...

Image caption: New law represents departure from long-standing mental health treatment practices in California.
Californians’ Mental Health: Newsom Signs Law to Overhaul System

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature mental health policies allow the involuntary treatment of more Californians with severe mental illnesses. Some fear the new laws will infringe on the civil liberties of people confined against their will.


View of the flooded San Lorenzo River Park Benchlands in Santa Cruz, California on New Year's Eve 2022.
Communicating During Disaster and Crisis
Recent lessons learned over days of local disaster.
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