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The California Fire Foundation is a nonprofit fire organization that provides emotional and financial support to families of fallen firefighters.

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Cal Fire Issues Urgent Warning Regarding Incursions of Unmanned Aircraft Systems


Incidents involving use of the systems, commonly known as drones, in firefighting airspace have led to the temporary suspension of critical aerial firefighting operations a half-dozen times so far this year.

He Lied to Win a California Rehab Contract. Now He’s Convicted of Exploiting Parolees in His Care


Attila Colar went to prison for lying to the government. After California gave him another contract as a provider in a rehabilitation program, a federal jury convicted him of fraud for using the personal information of Bay Area parolees and others to collect government COVID funds.

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Wildfire watch: Forest fuel mapping and drones represent the next wave of firefighting

Technology is furthering innovation in wildland firefighting across the west, including the Tahoe Basin — and not just in the process of extinguishing flames but in prevention of these catastrophic burns. Last fall, researchers at...

Image caption: As California's legislative session ends, lawmakers take no steps to address the state's fire insurance crisis.
Legislature Fails to Address California Fire Insurance Crisis

Legislators weren’t able to reach a compromise that helps insurers with wildfire risk while also protecting homeowners. Interest groups hope to find one in meetings this fall.

Image caption: Non-law enforcement spending on anti-hate efforts has topped $200 million since 2021, more than any other state.
California Spends Millions to Stop Hate Crimes. Here’s How

Hate crimes were up 20 percent in California in 2022, with those against transgender, Muslim and Black people increasing especially sharply. But the state is also spending more than any other to combat such crimes, including a hotline, state commission …

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Cyclist fight for their right to safety daily, Critical Mass demonstrations expected monthly

What started as a protest rolling into City Council’s regular meeting to oppose Caltrans’ proposed speed limit increases, has turned into something much bigger. As a result, the worldwide phenomenon, Critical Mass, has returned to the city of South Lake …

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E.coli found in water near Camp Richardson; boil water advisory in affect

E.coli bacteria was found in the water supply in an isolated area on Forest Service land in the Camp Richardson area and west of Camp Richardson.

Image caption: Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to wait for more information before signing a bill that would remove TikTok from most state smartphones.
Newsom Halts TikTok Ban, App to Stay on State Phones

A bipartisan bill to prohibit TikTok on state phones is shelved until 2024. It had breezed through the state Legislature, but the authors want to tweak the measure. It's the latest social media regulation to get stalled in California.

Image caption: In San Francisco, new police officers can now expect six-figure starting salaries, and other cities are taking similar measures.
Cities Compete to Give Police Recruits the Best Financial Deal

California cities are struggling to hire police in a tight labor market after the COVID pandemic. Some are raising by double digits and offering eye-catching bonuses.

Image caption: New COVID boosters are on the way that will help to protect against rising cases and new variants.
COVID Cases on the Rise Again: Here’s What You Need to Know

It’s a confusing time in the COVID pandemic. A new booster is on the way, but cases are rising and you might want more protection now.

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California Highway Patrol rolls out statewide electric bike safety training program

As the popularity of electric bikes continues to skyrocket, the California Highway Patrol is launching an online e-bike safety and training program to help keep commuters and recreational cyclists safe.

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Harmful algal bloom found at Indian Creek Reservoir

The Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board is urging visitors to Indian Creek Reservoir in Alpine County to stay out of the water after tests confirmed the presence of harmful algal blooms that can pose a health threat to humans …


View of the flooded San Lorenzo River Park Benchlands in Santa Cruz, California on New Year's Eve 2022.
Communicating During Disaster and Crisis
Recent lessons learned over days of local disaster.
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