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El Dorado County Public Safety Digest

Right-Wing Takeover of SoCal School Board Stirs Angst


Students and teachers alike are decrying the actions of the Temecula Valley Unified School District board, which became conservative in majority following the recent elections of three members. The board’s actions include banning critical race theory and mandating parental notification if their child is transgender.

Stolen Blue Shield of California Data Could Hit Dark Web


Hackers stole data this week from Blue Shield of California. Historically, this type of data has sometimes wound up for sale on what’s known as the dark web, the part of the internet not typically included in search engine results.

Sewage Spill Closes Southern California Beach


Two miles of public beach were closed in Laguna Beach following a spill of 94,500 gallons of sewage. Orange County is testing water to determine when the beach will be safe to reopen.

More Migrants Getting Hurt Climbing Border Wall in California


Seven times as many patients have been admitted to the trauma unit at UC San Diego Health since the Trump administration raised the height of the border wall to 30 feet in California. The hospital also notes that 23 people have died in falls from the wall since 2019.

Backlash Politics: How Conservatives Have Success Rolling Back California Progressivism


Lacking power at the state level, conservatives are leaning into local governance to protest California’s progressive politics. The fight in Huntington Beach could be a harbinger of what’s to come.

Why It’s Taken So Long for the Golden Gate Bridge to Get a Protective Barrier


Workers are in the final stages of a long, $217 million project: Install a protective barrier at the Golden Gate Bridge. Roughly 2,000 people have died by suicide jumping from the bridge since it opened in 1937.

WW2-Era Southern California Blimp Hangar Destroyed by Fire


Tustin Air Base was destroyed Nov. 7 in a raging fire that could last for days. Authorities said letting the 1942 hangar collapse was the only way to contain the fire.

California May Ban Additives in Some Candies—But Not Skittles


The European Union has banned certain additives that are used in American candies and baked goods. California is on the cusp of prohibiting their sale by 2027.

Cameron Park Keeps on Truckin’ Toward New Engine


The Cameron Park Community Services District Board of Directors voted Sept. 20 to continue with the planned purchase of a nearly $400,000 fire engine despite a lack of clear funding.

California Tops FEMA’s New List of Areas Vulnerable to Weather Disasters


The Federal Emergency Management Agency has identified nearly 500 “zones” that are ill-prepared to tolerate flooding, earthquakes, heat waves, wildfires, landslides and other natural hazards. California topped all states with 51 total zones, followed by 35 in Texas and 32 in Florida.

Cal Fire Issues Urgent Warning Regarding Incursions of Unmanned Aircraft Systems


Incidents involving use of the systems, commonly known as drones, in firefighting airspace have led to the temporary suspension of critical aerial firefighting operations a half-dozen times so far this year.

He Lied to Win a California Rehab Contract. Now He’s Convicted of Exploiting Parolees in His Care


Attila Colar went to prison for lying to the government. After California gave him another contract as a provider in a rehabilitation program, a federal jury convicted him of fraud for using the personal information of Bay Area parolees and others to collect government COVID funds.

Fire Districts Add Second Battalion


The El Dorado County and Diamond Springs-El Dorado fire protection districts have formed a joint second battalion.

Fire Districts Add 2nd Battalion


Within both districts’ response areas, there will now always be two chief officers on duty. Fire officials say this change will benefit emergency response and district operations.

Governor Newsom Proclaims State of Emergency in Del Norte, Siskiyou Counties Due to Fires


The proclamations support the ongoing emergency response to the fires, which have destroyed homes, caused power outages and driven the evacuation of residents.

Hotter Climate Means a Never-Ending Fire Season for the National Guard


After California lost over 4 million acres to fire in 2020, the state funded Task Force Rattlesnake, with National Guardsmen to assist Cal Fire.

Tropical Storm Could Make California Landfall for 1st Time Since 1939


A hurricane in the Pacific headed toward the California coast is projected to hit California as a tropical storm, marking the first time a tropical storm has struck the California coast in 84 years.

San Francisco Wants Stop Sign on Driverless Cars


San Francisco isn’t going to take last week’s robotaxi decision by the California Public Utilities Commission lying down. Joined by the city's transit authority board, fire department and board of supervisors, San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu filed motions on Wednesday to halt the unrestricted expansion of autonomous vehicles for commercial use.

Record Numbers Die in California Jails. Will Lawmakers Finally Crack Down?


Locally elected sheriffs manage California jails and are responsible for the safety of the inmates they hold. Record deaths in San Diego’s jail are shaping a plan for new statewide oversight.

California Prisons Visitor Strip Search Policy Targets Inmate Families


Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to make prisons a friendlier place for inmate families. An updated strip-search policy has some worried that families will face intrusive encounters during their visits.

Sexual Harassment Data From Cal State is ‘Unreliable.’ No One Knows How Many Employees Have Been Accused


Two recent reports on sexual harassment complaints filed against Cal State employees conclude inconsistent data collection makes it difficult to determine a reliable number.

New Biden Rules Put Asylum Seekers at California Border at Heightened Risk


The Biden administration’s app rule makes it harder for migrants to assert a right to asylum, advocates say. Lawsuits are sparking debate about immigration control, safety.

Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit Thins, Fuel Reduction Operations Begin Next Week


The USDA Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit is scheduled to begin mechanical forest thinning and fuel reduction operations next week on approximately 208 acres along a powerline corridor.

California Fish and Wildlife Captures South Lake Tahoe Conflict Bear, 3 Cubs, to be Relocated


Wildlife biologists for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife this morning safely immobilized a large female conflict bear responsible for at least 21 DNA-confirmed home break-ins and extensive property damage in the South Lake Tahoe area.

Nevada County Secures $3.9M for Fuels Reduction in Woodpecker Ravine


The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) has awarded the County of Nevada Office of Emergency Services (OES) with $3,914,536 to implement Phase II of the Woodpecker Ravine Shaded Fuel Break.

West Nile Detected in El Dorado County


El Dorado County health officials received confirmation that a bird found in the Lotus area of El Dorado County tested positive for West Nile Virus, the first this year.

Caldor Fire Survivors Are Taking Legal Action Against U.S. Forest Service


Caldor Fire survivors are taking on the federal government, claiming the U.S. Forest Service failed to protect Grizzly Flats when the Caldor Fire ignited in August of 2021 and destroyed more than 400 of the 600 homes in the mountain community.

Cameron Park Exploring Fire Department Options


The Cameron Park Community Services District Board of Directors voted to begin the processes that could lead to annexation of the district’s fire department and/or placing a property tax assessment on the ballot to fund the fire department.

Four Invasive Species Threaten California Water Systems


There’s a possible rise of four invasive animals in California—another consequence from downpours last winter and spring. The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services warned about a potential population surge due to storm-related flooding.

Tahoe Conservancy to Remediate Lead Paint at Van Sickle Barn


The Conservancy will remove hazards associated with lead-containing paint on the barn, while maintaining the 1860s-era barn’s historical integrity.

North Tahoe Fire Protection District Looks to Annex Meeks Bay Fire


According to Edward Miller, President of the Board of Directors for Meeks Bay Fire, “There will be absolutely no difference in services, because right now, we’re being serviced by North Tahoe Fire. So, whether the engine, or the back of the turnout coat says Meeks Bay Fire or North Tahoe Fire, it’s still North Tahoe firefighters and paramedics.”

Goat Herders Prevent California Wildfires. Most Haven’t Seen Their Families in Years


Luis Yauri Oyola hopes one day to buy a tractor to start a business in Peru; he estimates that he is six years away from that goal, for which he will have spent more than a decade of his life living thousands of miles away from his family. He is on call 24/7 and doesn’t leave the job site except for necessities.