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Bikes Make Life Better, founded in 2010, is a business-to-business firm dedicated to helping organizations use bicycles to help “people, the planet and profitability.”

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Loomis Accidents Studied for Local Road Safety Plan

Using data on traffic accidents over the last five years, the city of Loomis is developing a plan to get state and federal road funds. Loomis town engineer Merrill Buck presented a draft traffic safety plan to the Planning Commission.

(Aug. 5, 2022) → Read the full Auburn Journal report
Why Do So Many People Fail the California DMV Written Exam?

Of the Californians who have taken the written exam to get a driver’s license over the past two decades, more than half have failed. The annual rate, however, has been inconsistent.

(July 20, 2022) → Read the full The Sacramento Bee report

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State Must Kick-Start Funding for Electric Bus Fleet Programs

Putting more electric trucks and buses on California roads will improve air quality and grow local jobs. But for many fleets, the transition to electric will require innovative policy and finance solutions to get the job done on pace with …

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Free shuttle on South Shore

South Shore visitors and residents are getting a free, on-demand, app-based, door-to-door service with the launch of Lake Link, a microtransit shuttle system. The shuttles can carry nine to 12 passengers, have wheelchair accessibility and are equipped with bike and …

Image caption: Republican lawmakers stand outside the California Capitol behind traffic cones creating the numeral "100."
Get Ready For Another Gas Tax Increase

July 1 is shaping up to be a big day for California. That's when the Golden State's sky-high gas prices are set to tick up even more due to a scheduled increase to the excise tax rate, which will tack …

Image caption: The Hanford Viaduct, the largest structure of the High Speed Rail project currently under construction, will span more than a mile in length.
California Needs to Get Serious About Public Transportation

Unless the governor and Legislature address flaws in the way the state plans for and develops public transit and rail projects, California’s ambitious climate-related goals cannot be realized.

Image caption: Tesla Supercharger pump station at the Westminster Mall parking lot in Westminster, CA..
Walters: Electric Car Nirvana Collides With Reality

Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Air Resources Board are boasting about California's shift to zero-emission vehicles but the reality of making it happen is daunting.

Image caption: Different representations of traffic stress.
Building a Better Bike Map

Recent discussions in social media revealed a lack of maps of safe local bike routes. So we connected with local bike experts to start a crowdsourced project to create some.

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Governor, legislators won’t budge in high-speed rail dispute

Lawmakers and Gov. Gavin Newsom have different opinions on what the next steps for California’s high-speed rail project should be.

Image caption: After nearly four decades, California has still failed to complete a single high speed rail line.
Will High Speed Rail Ever Happen in California?

The effort to bring high speed rail to California has been an epic tale of ambition and failure—a story of endless delays and bloated cost overruns. Where does it stand now, and will the state ever see its own bullet …

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Gas Prices Are Going Up. Here's Why That's Good

Gas prices are going up. But America has long paid too little for gasoline, along with a low gas tax rate. Is it time for all of that to change?

Image caption: California transportation history runs from railroads to today’s car culture.
California’s History of Transportation: From Railroads to Highways

The history of transportation in California has shaped the state, from the railroads to today’s highways, making the need for planning increasingly urgent. Here’s how it all happened, and where we stand today.

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