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Bikes Make Life Better, founded in 2010, is a business-to-business firm dedicated to helping organizations use bicycles to help “people, the planet and profitability.”

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RTC Faces Future After Decisive Vote on Rail Trail

At the first meeting of the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission board after the definitive “no” vote on Measure D, the question remained: Where do we go from here?

(June 16, 2022) → Read the full Lookout Local report
Measure D Cheat Sheet

Leaders of both Yes Greenway and No Way Greenway provided Lookout Santa Cruz with detailed answers to a range of questions on core issues in the rail-trail debate.

(June 2, 2022) → Read the full Lookout Local report

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Image caption: Republican lawmakers stand outside the California Capitol behind traffic cones creating the numeral "100."
Get Ready For Another Gas Tax Increase

July 1 is shaping up to be a big day for California. That's when the Golden State's sky-high gas prices are set to tick up even more due to a scheduled increase to the excise tax rate, which will tack …

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Measure D Opponents Celebrate on Election Night

Early results suggest staggering defeat for controversial ‘Greenway Initiative’

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Measure D-railed

Voters choose a future with trail—and rail

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Measure D Fails

By Mary Andersen The hotly debated Measure D Greenway Initiative sits at 8580 "yes" votes and 21,021 "no" this morning. Votes will continue to be counted throughout the week with a final certification in early July. But these early results …

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Measure D early election results in Santa Cruz County

Rail-trail ballot measure appears short of majority in early returns

Image caption: A railroad bridge on the Santa Cruz Branch Line as seen from Manresa State Beach in South Santa Cruz County.
Why I Oppose the Greenway Initiative

Three California transportation leaders explain why Measure D will ultimately kill much-needed rail service and slow progress on the Santa Cruz Rail Trail.

Image caption: The Hanford Viaduct, the largest structure of the High Speed Rail project currently under construction, will span more than a mile in length.
California Needs to Get Serious About Public Transportation

Unless the governor and Legislature address flaws in the way the state plans for and develops public transit and rail projects, California’s ambitious climate-related goals cannot be realized.

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Opinion: A Call for Civil Discourse on D

No matter your opinion on the ballot measure, there’s a bigger picture

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What Both Sides are Saying About Measure D

Supporters and opponents explain their positions on the controversial ballot measure

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Who Really Controls Railbanking?

Whether Measure D passes or fails, here are all the parties who really control the railbanking decision

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