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California Museum is a self-supporting museum that educates visitors on California's history. More than 60,000 students visit the museum annually, many taking part in educational programs.

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Hat Collection on Display in Rancho Cordova

Barbara Alfidi first fell in love with hats while searching for the perfect final touch to her Gold Rush costume for an event in the 1980s. Since then, she has amassed such a collection that it’s now on public view in Rancho Cordova.

(Oct. 22, 2021) → Read the full The Grapevine Independent report
People Ask: Should Negro Bar Be Renamed?

Folsom’s Negro Bar is a popular spot for water recreation, but its name has been considered problematic. A petition is now being circulated to change it.

(Oct. 21, 2021) → Read the full Sacramento News & Review report

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Image caption: There's too much information these days. But explanatory reporting can help.
What Makes a News Article an ‘Explainer,’ Anyway?
In an era of information overload, here’s how a rising form of journalism helps explain it all for you, and why California Local publishes ‘explanatory’ reporting.

Image caption: The Gordon D. Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse in the state’s capital city.
Sacramento’s Superior Court System, Explained
From overcrowded courthouses to trials of famous murderers, the Sacramento County Superior Court has seen it all. Here’s what you need to know about the system.

Image caption: There are still 27 oil platforms off the California coastline.
Offshore Oil Drilling in California Waters, Explained
Why is California still experiencing offshore oil spills half-a-century after the catastrophic Santa Barbara disaster? The answer is found in the state’s longtime, close relationship with the oil business.

Image caption: The schoolhouse was the biggest building in Allensworth, the town founded by Col. Allen Allensworth, which is now a state park.
Civil Rights, Historical Wrongs
Sacramento-based news outlet talks to Jonathan Burgess and L. Dee Slade, both testifying before the Reparations Task Force.

Image caption: Sacramento County’s water management system is a complicated melange of more than two dozen districts.
Sacramento County’s Complex Water System, Explained
Sacramento County residents get their water from 27 different districts that fall into five separate categories. Here’s how it all works.

Image caption: The ski resort once called 'Squaw Valley' has changed its name, which resort owners acknowledged was racist and sexist.
Ski Resort Changes ‘Derogatory, Offensive’ Name
The name change of one of California’s most historic ski resorts is part of a statewide and national trend to reexamine offensive place names.

Image caption: Old Sacramento Historic District Sacramento is an open-air museum of historic buildings.
Capital Collections
Sacramento’s rich past can be explored by visiting its many and varied historical museums.

Image caption: Billionaires on both sides have ponied up big bucks in California's gubernatorial recall.
Big Money Battles it Out as Recall Campaign Nears Conclusion
When California adopted the recall law 110 years ago, it was to keep big money out of politics. Now billionaire donors are dominating this year's gubernatorial recall campaign on both sides.

Image caption: Larry Elder, the frontrunner among candidates hoping to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom.
Is California’s Recall Voting Process Undemocratic?

The next governor of California could win election with far fewer votes that the incumbent governor in the state's recall vote Sept. 14. How did the recall process become so undemocratic?

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