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With 11 historical structures, five museums, and the oldest house in California to care for, the work of the Carmel Mission Foundation is never done.

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President Biden Announces New National Monument Near Nevada-California Border

Avi Kwa Ame National Monument will protect sacred Native American sites, wildlife.

(Nov. 30, 2022) → Read the full Santa Cruz Sentinel report
A Look Back at California’s Most Recent Volcanic Eruption

Californians are accustomed to being battered by many of nature's whims. Less familiar are volcanic eruptions like the one currently taking place at Hawaii's Mauna Loa. But California's own volcanoes are capable of violent fury.

(Nov. 30, 2022) → Read the full Santa Cruz Sentinel report

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Image caption: A historical marker commemorates the Battle of Natividad, which took place in the Salinas Valley.
Point in Time

David Schmaltz outlines a pivotal point in California history in his Monterey County Weekly cover story on the Battle of Natividad.

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A new group sets out to explore the history of racist housing covenants in Monterey County.

For years, racist housing deeds and covenants explicitly banned people of color from living in certain housing tracts and certain neighborhoods all over the country, including in Monterey County.

Image caption: California's State Capitol, seat of a government with a colorful history, to say the least.
California’s Governmental Structure: From Chaos to Compromise

California's government was born out of utter chaos. Here's how the state developed some sort of order to the way it operates, and how it makes and enforces laws.

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What’s really at stake in the water wars?

Sara Rubin here. In 1995, Bill Clinton was in his second year as president, Pixar produced Toy Story (the first fully computer-animated feature film), and a NATO offensive ended war in Bosnia. It was also the year that the California…

Image caption: California has three cities of more than 1 million people, and 187 of over 50,000.
Cities in California: What Does it Take to Be One?

California is full of places and communities, but most are not cities. Here's what it takes for a community to become a city, the benefits of being one—and why the state has a 'de facto moratorium' on new cities.

King City Rustler logo LOCAL NEWS
San Antonio Valley Historical Association’s annual lecture to feature Hathaway collection

JOLON — “The Pat Hathaway Collection” will be the featured topic for the San Antonio Valley Historical Association Fall Lecture and Annual Dinner meeting planned for Saturday, Nov. 12, at the Historic Hacienda at Fort Hunter Liggett. Featured speaker will …

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Community turns out to celebrate Gonzales’ 75th anniversary

GONZALES — City of Gonzales recently hosted a cultural celebration in honor of the 75th anniversary of Gonzales’ incorporation. Hundreds of families and community members turned out for the city’s diamond jubilee on Oct. 15, which included food, games and …

Image caption: California aims to be 100 percent coal-free by 2026. Can other states follow suit?
Why California Uses Less Coal Than Most Other States

Coal is the dirtiest fossil fuel, yet it is the source of 40 percent of the world's energy. California remains an exception to coal industry dominance, using and producing less coal that almost any other state.

Image caption: How did oil come to dominate both California's and the world's economy—and daily life?
Can We Break Oil’s Grip on the World Energy Economy?

Oil aka petroleum holds a tighter grip on California than any other energy source. Here's how Big Oil came to dominate the state and world economy, and some hints at how oil's grip may finally loosen.

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El Sausal Middle School will hold a ceremony to name athletic field after quarterback Joe Kapp.

It all started with a letter, sent in June of 2021, to Salinas Union High School District. It was a request to rename the El Sausal Middle School’s athletic field after a former student who became a famous Chicano quarterback…

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