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Sacramento County Public Safety Digest

Researcher Lands Prestigious Grant for UC Davis Health


Gun Violence Expert Dr. Shani Buggs Talks Need For More Funding, Diverse Perspectives.

Mountain Lion Attack in El Dorado County


A man was fatally attacked and his brother injured by a mountain lion in a remote area near Georgetown.

Urban League Lobbies to Limit Pretextual Traffic Stops


Leaders from the National Urban League and four California chapters gathered March 13 at the Capitol to lobby for a bill that aims to restrict police from making traffic stops for certain low-level offenses.

Two Rare Tornadoes Seen in Central California


A tornado stuck Kings county briefly, and another touched down in Madera county, as favorable conditions came together during a powerful winter storm which swept the region.

Study Finds Almost 50% of San Francisco Drug Users Not Residents


A report of a 12 month study which ended in February indicates almost half of those cited for drug usage were not residents of the city, leading to questions about city approaches to drug addiction.

Interactive Map Shows Cleanup Efforts in Citrus Heights


One of the city’s newest mapping tools for tracking beautification and cleanup efforts around Citrus Heights is available for the public to view on the city's website.

Sacramento’s Infrastructure, With Its Many Trees, Poses Challenges During Storms


Sacramento, known for its tree-filled landscape, faces unique challenges in intense weather. The convergence of high winds with large trees poses significant risks to people and urban infrastructure.

Appeals Court Temporarily Reinstates Calif. Background Checks for Ammo Purchases


California’s law that requires background checks when purchasing ammunition is back in place.

How Are Atmospheric Rivers Affected by Climate Change?


Atmospheric rivers are well-known weather phenomena along the West Coast. But the intensity of recent atmospheric rivers is almost certainly affected by human-caused climate change.

Some Experts Are Proposing a Category 6 Storm Rating


A handful of super powerful tropical storms in the last decade and the prospect of more to come has a couple of experts proposing a new category of whopper hurricanes: Category 6.

L.A.’s Flood-Control System Survived Epic Storm. But It’s Losing the Battle With Climate Change


Los Angeles County flood control network withstands punishing rains—for now.

The Terrifying Forces That Created a California Monster Storm


The storm fed off of unusually warm waters as it grew. It also reached “bomb cyclone” status as it neared California.

Organizations Partner to Promote Safe Driving Behaviors


The California Office of Traffic Safety and Caltrans announced a partnership with the California Interscholastic Federation to educate drivers on safe travel behaviors, especially around highway work zones.

Shasta County Supervisors Vote to Allow Concealed Weapons in Local Government Buildings


The Shasta County Board of Supervisors voted to allow guns in local government buildings, defying California law.

New USGS Map Shows California Is at High Risk for Damaging Earthquakes


An updated earthquake hazard map from USGS shows a high shaking risk in California.

‘Thousand-Year Storm’ Leaves San Diego Reeling From Punishing Rainfall, Floods


Hundreds of San Diego homes and businesses were damaged or ruined in devastating floods after punishing rainfall fell on Jan. 22.

Smokey Bear—and Californians’ Relationship With Fire—Gets an Update in UC Davis Art Exhibition


If you’re driving on Interstate 80, you might spot a billboard displaying an animal wildfire mascot. But it isn’t Smokey Bear. It’s Burnie the Bobcat, with a new slogan: Only you can decide our fiery future.

The 1994 Northridge Quake Was a Shock. Here’s Why the Next One Won’t Be


Our understanding and preparedness have come a long way since Southern California’s magnitude 6.7 earthquake in 1994. We’re still learning from that destructive temblor.

What Causes Innocent-Looking Snow Slopes to Collapse? A Physicist and Skier Explains


An avalanche swept up skiers at Lake Tahoe’s largest ski resort on Jan. 10 as a 150-foot-wide sheet of snow slid down a mountain slope.

LAPD Chief Announces Departure at End of February


Michel Moore, chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, announced he will resign. The departure of Moore, who has been in the job since 2018, will spur the appointment of an interim chief and a nationwide search for his replacement, according to Mayor Karen Bass.

SCOTUS to Hear Case with Major Implications for Homeless


The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case related to whether cities and towns can ban camping on public property. The high court could overturn Martin v. Boise, a 2018 federal court decision that keeps western cities and counties from blocking public camping when sufficient shelter space is unavailable.

Second Avalanche Hits Tahoe Slopes Near Where a Skier Died One Day Earlier


An avalanche was reported Jan. 11 at a resort near Lake Tahoe, one day after a major avalanche roared down an adjoining mountain, trapping several people and killing a 66-year-old man.

Hate Crimes Rising in Los Angeles


Cal State San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism found that hate crimes rose 12.9% between 2022 and 2023. The spike follows a particularly stark increase in crimes against Jewish people.

Kinder, Gentler Prison Guards Key to Newsom San Quentin Reform Plan


California correctional officers train like ‘they are going to war’ to work in state prisons. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to transform San Quentin could require a kinder approach.

WWII-Era Dump Site Found Off LA Coast


Munition boxes, depth charges and smoke floats have been found 3,000 feet underwater off the coast of Los Angeles. More than 100 square miles of ocean might be contaminated.

Snow Shortage Followed by Potential Whiteout in Sierras


Heavy snow is projected in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Previously, warmer storms had been bringing precipitation mainly to higher elevations in the Sierras.

Repairing Sidewalks Can Cost Property Owners Big in California


California state law dictates that property owners are responsible for repairing damaged sidewalks. In Sacramento, this has left some owners facing bills of thousands of dollars or tax assessments from the city.

Driverless Cars Can’t Be Ticketed in SF for Speeding or Running Red Lights


San Francisco police officers have been operating for more than a year with guidance from their chief that California’s vehicle code doesn’t provide authority for them to ticket driverless cars for infractions like speeding or running red lights. Officers are still encouraged to report relevant information about incidents.

Law Goes Into Effect Blocking Guns in Many California Public Places


A law passed by the California legislature in 2023 has gone into effect banning licensed gun holders from bringing their firearms to places like playgrounds, churches and casinos. The law faces an ongoing challenge in the federal court system.

Judge Won’t Order Trial of Caldor Fire Suspects, Lawyers Say


A judge has refused to order the father and son duo charged with starting the 2021 Caldor Fire—which destroyed Grizzly Flat and burned across three Northern California counties—to face charges that they recklessly started the fire by target shooting.

California Consumers Will Have Easier Time Getting Compensation for False Advertising Under New 2024 Law


A new law, sponsored by Attorney General Rob Bonta, will create a fund designed to fully compensate victims of false advertising or unfair competition.

American Graffiti is Back: Cruising Now Legal Again in California, But So Are Speed Cameras


Under new state laws, five cities will test cameras to catch speeding drivers and cruising bans will be lifted statewide. The first is supposed to improve road safety, but critics of the second say it will endanger the public.

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