Salary Setting Commission


• Phone: (408) 615-2080

The Salary Setting Commission reviews the compensenation for Santa Clara’s elected officials: the mayor, members of the City Council, the city clerk and the police chief. The five commissioners are appointed by the Civil Service Commission. For more detailed information, contact the city staff liaison: Director of Human Resources Aracely Azevedo: (408) 615-2080.

Dates and times of meetings will be determined by Human Resources.

Commissioner Eric Chu

Past Members

Pilar Arquero
Term ended: Dec. 31, 2020
Marjorie Banko
Term ended: Dec. 31, 2023
MV Kumar
Term ended: Dec. 31, 2023
John Sontag
Term ended: Dec. 31, 2023
David B. Stealey
Term ended: Dec. 31, 2021
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