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Image caption: A Red-tailed hawk on a light pole overlooking downtown Santa Cruz.
Citizen Science

Sometimes making the community better manifests as a better understanding of how nature works. Local birders lead the way.

Image caption:
California Local Member Newsletter for May 16, 2022

Use California Local’s maps of the Santa Cruz area to learn more about the community and to get around quickly, safely and comfortably.

Image caption: Different representations of traffic stress.
Building a Better Bike Map

Recent discussions in social media revealed a lack of maps of safe local bike routes. So we connected with local bike experts to start a crowdsourced project to create some.

Image caption: WaPo called Sacramento "the capital of Blue State America," and said the city “mirrors how much of the state, as well as many major cities across the coastal West, are feeling about the worsening humanitarian crisis."
'Washington Post' Details Sacramento Homeless Crisis

The 'Washington Post' descends on the "capital of Blue State America" to expose the ongoing homeless crisis in Sacramento.

Image caption:
California Local Member Newsletter for May 9, 2022

A look inside the billionaire boys’ club behind much of the world’s media platforms.

Image caption: The scene of the K Street shooting in downtown Sacramento, in which six people were killed.
Covering the Sacramento Mass Gang Shooting

Following the K-Street shooting, a freelance journalist's thoughts about reporting on the deadliest single episode of gun violence in Sacramento history.

Image caption: Elon Musk says he wants to buy Twitter to protect ‘free speech.’
Billionaires Buy the Media: Elon Musk is Only the Latest

Elon Musk may be the latest, but billionaires have been buying media outlets for decades. What does that mean for the control of news and information at a time when a free press is more important than ever?

Image caption: A California constitutional amendment protecting abortion rights is in the works.
Abortion Rights in California After SCOTUS Opinion

Abortion rights will remain protected, even expanded in California after the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, Gov. Gavin Newsom vows after a leaked SCOTUS opinion reveals the court plans to abolish the right to choose.

Image caption: Local tech entrepreneur and confessed “bike nerd” explains his support of Measure D.
Lloyd Tabb: Yes on Measure D

The founder of local tech company Looker explains why he supports Measure D, the Greenway Initiative.

Image caption:
California Local Member Newsletter for May 2, 2022

California Local often covers issues related to homelessness. But this week’s newsletter is aimed toward those who do have homes.

Image caption: A prominent supporter and opponent debate the Greenway Initiative.
Bud Colligan and Mark Mesiti-Miller Debate Measure D

The two most prominent voices on either side of this heated issue face off on KSCO-AM radio 1080, hosted by station owner Michael Zwerling.

Image caption: Saving water has become more crucial in California’s drought crisis.
How to Save Water: Simple Steps You Can Take

Saving water is more important than ever in California, due to the region’s worst drought conditions in 1,200 years. Here are some steps you can take to help.

Image caption: From Past to Present: The range of California art in the museums listed below is represented by the Crocker Art Museum’s exterior: one half completed in 1872, the other added in 2010.
Golden State Treasures

Gold Rush-era landscapes, funk art sculptures, pop art statements, Chicano art movement masterworks—here are 10 places to explore the work of California artists.

Image caption: Maps are fun.
All About Map Layer Administration

This explains how to create and maintain map layers for display in our public maps directory.

Image caption: Seemingly minor code violations can cost struggling homeowners thousands.
Code Violations and ‘Excessive Fines’: Californians Battle Cities

Code violations, even after they're fixed, can cost struggling homeowners their homes. Some have seen fees and fines into the six figures even after repairs. Here are some of the horror stories. But what can be done about it?

Image caption: The Santa Cruz Mountains were the cradle of a radical home birthing movement.
Birth Happens

In the 1970s, a group of women started a movement to bring birthing back home.

Image caption: Lights along the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk look pretty reflected in the Pacific Ocean, but the brightness wreaks havoc on the starry skies above.
California Local Member Newsletter for April 25, 2022

Happy belated Earth Day. And enjoy the rest of International Dark Sky Week!

Image caption: From the coast to the mountains, Santa Cruz County’s landscape has given way to human development. But residents can make all parts of the region more hospitable to native species.
Backyard Ecology

Tips for creating wildlife-friendly habitat in Santa Clara County, no matter where you live.

Image caption: Joshua Tree National Park is a great place to spend International Dark Sky Week, but even closer to home there are activities one can do to appreciate heavenly bodies.
What Is International Dark Sky Week?

It’s time to turn off the lights and explore the cosmos in all its glory.

Image caption: With drought getting worse, California needs to increase water use efficiency.
How California Can Increase Water Savings By 30 Percent

California can increase water savings in urban and suburban areas by 30 to 48 percent using nothing but existing technology, a new report from the Pacific Institute says.

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