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Image caption: California has produced a stellar field of athletes in many different sports. The hard part is just naming 10.
Golden State All-Stars

Ten of the greatest athletes born or raised in California.

Image caption: Oakland’s Grand Lake Theatre, built in 1926.
Movie Theater Magic

Benign weather has kept some of California’s historic cinema palaces alive past the century mark. We pay homage to ten of the best.

Image caption: From Past to Present: The range of California art in the museums listed below is represented by the Crocker Art Museum’s exterior: one half completed in 1872, the other added in 2010.
Golden State Treasures

Gold Rush-era landscapes, funk art sculptures, pop art statements, Chicano art movement masterworks—here are 10 places to explore the work of California artists.

Image caption: Want to know more about California? These podcasts are a great place to start.
Golden State Podcasts

Travel, food, true crime politics—there’s a show for everyone. Here are some top-rated podcasts that focus on some aspect of California culture.

Image caption: Margaret Cho, George Lopez, Tiffany Haddish and eight other California-bred comedians offer unique perspectives on their home state.

Plenty of East Coast comedians make California the butt of their jokes. Here are some locals who’ve earned the right to make fun of this place.

Image caption: Some songs less traveled from around the Golden State.
Around the State in 13 Songs

A baker’s dozen of great and not-so-great ditties from all over California.


Article exploring songs, books, movies and other works from art and culture which feature our beautiful state.

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