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The federal government is divided into three branches. The legislative branch—the elected members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate—enacts laws. The executive branch—the elected president and vice president; the Cabinet members; and federal agencies—carries out laws. And the judicial branch—the Supreme Court and other courts—evaluates laws.

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Zoe Lofgren Is Center Stage at Jan. 6 Committee’s Second Day of Televised Hearings

Lofgren, a member of the Jan. 6 committee, also is a member of the House Judiciary Committe and was a manager of the impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump.

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Monterey County welcomes the return of congressional earmarks, with $5.9 million for eight Central Coast projects.

Future generations might one day point to King City’s renaissance as a textbook example of good government and long-term crisis management. Once a thriving Salinas Valley city, the departure of one of its largest employers in the early 2000s triggered…

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Former President Clinton Speaks at San Jose Service for Norm Mineta

Norm Mineta, former U.S. secretary of transportation and San Jose’s first Asian American mayor, is being laid to rest in his hometown. Family, friends and colleagues shared memories, anecdotes and stories at a Thursday memorial at the San Jose Civic Center.

(June 16, 2022) → Read the full San Jose Spotlight report
Crowded Field on the Ballot for Newly Drawn Congressional Districts

Monterey County voters will be deciding who will lead two newly defined congressional districts in the June 2022 primary elections with what used to be District 20—led by Rep. Jimmy Panetta, D-Carmel Valley—now made up of districts 18 and 19.

(May 10, 2022) → Read the full Monterey Herald report