What the ‘Parental Rights Movement’ Looks Like in California

LA Times profiles Chino Valley woman fighting LGBTQ+ inclusivity in schools

PUBLISHED NOV 29, 2023 9:44 A.M.
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In California in recent years, conservatives have been emboldened to push back against things like COVID-19 vaccines and LGBTQ+ protections in the name of what’s sometimes called parental rights.

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting piece out about someone active in this movement: 41-year-old Sonja Shaw of Chino Valley.

Shaw is a polarizing figure, as the article makes clear. But she has her supporters, such as Greg Abdouch, who runs an Inland Valley Empire organization that urges evangelical Christians to try to take more control of what's happening in public schools.

“It’s a spiritual battle, and she’s God’s warrior,” Abdouch said.

Whether a person agrees or disagrees with Shaw’s approach and tactics, it’s an illustrative article of what motivates people like her.

Read the full article “Righteous mother or right-wing zealot” on LATimes.com.

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