These California Organizations Offer Ways to Help Ukraine

As the war in their country drags on, these organizations are supporting embattled Ukrainians.

PUBLISHED DEC 14, 2023 12:00 A.M.
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With the war between Russia and Ukraine dragging on, California organizations are continuing to take action in support of embattled Ukrainians. In Sacramento, known for its Slavic community, help comes in many forms—housing, food, medical, and educational—both here at home and back in Ukraine. The job seems daunting, but from individual donors to churches to nonprofits created to assist Ukrainian refugees, the impact adds up. Those interested in volunteering with or donating to a group dedicated to helping Ukraine can check out the list below to get started.

Spring of Life Church (Sacramento) 

Located in the Sacramento suburb of Orangevale, Spring of Life Church (SOL) has devoted a division of its ministry to Ukrainian aid. The church itself serves a large Slavic population, including its staff—so it was a natural next step to help when the war began.

In Ukraine, SOL has active charity work happening in both the western and eastern portions of the country. This includes on-the-ground relief work and also providing medical assistance to Ukrainian children with disabilities. Currently, 78 families are being financially sponsored. SOL has provided this help for over three years, and the need continues to evolve and grow.

In California, SOL provides Ukrainian refugees with meals, clothing, and host homes. The church consists of many Ukrainian immigrants who understand the current situation. SOL is actively seeking host homes, as well as donations. Those who wish to provide a room for a refugee or give financially can visit the website.

Post Angeles (Los Angeles)

Post Angeles is a group that consists of both Ukrainians and Americans with one simple goal: Collect humanitarian aid for victims of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The L.A.-based volunteer center collects, sorts and packs up shipments of various donations that are then sent to an additional hub in Lviv, Ukraine. Accepted donations are not the typical coats or toothbrushes that many Americans are accustomed to giving. Post Angeles instead seeks donations of bulletproof vests, first aid items, sleeping bags, and various medicines. Visit the website for a current list of needs, or to donate financially instead.

Ukrainian American House (Sacramento) 

In the Rancho Cordova region of Sacramento, Ukrainian American House has been helping build a bridge between Ukraine and the United States since 2018. The group organizes fundraisers and cultural events, arranges meetings with Ukrainian and American officials, and holds networking events specifically focused on Ukraine.

Ukrainian American House is also a partner of Parasolka, a weekly resource meeting for Ukrainians new to the United States. Parasolka assists with resettlement services, providing basic needs like clothing and meals, and provides  fellowship time for immigrants every Sunday.

First Ukrainian Baptist Church of Sacramento (Sacramento) 

The First Ukrainian Baptist Church of Sacramento welcomes everyone, but primarily serves the city’s large Ukrainian population. Outside of prayer services, the church also collects funds designated specifically to help Ukraine. All donations are sent back to Ukraine to help displaced families, humanitarian missions, sister churches, hospitals, and rehab centers.

Nova Ukraine (Stanford) 

Located on the outskirts of Santa Clara County, this Stanford-based nonprofit is reaching out to the more than 100,000 Ukrainian refugees who have landed in the United States since the war began. They help find housing placements by recruiting host families, collecting electronics and used cars to raise funds for refugees, and training landlords to become refugee-friendly since many of those new to the country do not have any sort of credit history. Nova is directly connected to Ukraine and has a sister office in Kyiv. You can learn more about them by visiting the website.

Folsom Cordova Partnership (Sacramento) 

The Folsom Cordova Partnership has been helping families in crisis since 1992, and has expanded their resources to include refugees. From Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm, refugees, youth, and other populations in need can visit the job center in Rancho Cordova to help get on their feet and start a new life. Folsom Cordova Partnership also offers health services, parenting classes, and a variety of other resources for families struggling—including those who have recently found themselves in a foreign country with young children.

Hromada (San Francisco)

Hromada is a Ukraine-focused nonprofit that is based in the Bay Area. This group raises funds for children whose parents have perished in the Russia-Ukraine war, specifically those residing in Eastern Ukraine. For the past four years, Hromada has been sending financial support as well as providing college scholarships. With no overhead expenses, Hromada takes donations and sends 100 percent back to the kids of Ukraine.

Outside of California

Here are two more organizations suggested by Sacramento resident JP Reese, who turned his recent honeymoon into an opportunity to deliver needed supplies to the cities of Kyiv and Lviv.

Taking its name from the national bird of Ukraine, Operation White Stork at first managed a large evacuation program, transporting 37,829 women, children, and elderly safely to Poland in 2022. Its second line of effort was to deliver individual first aid kits (IFAKs) because Ukrainian soldiers were going to war without the basic medical supplies. According to its 2022 annual report, Operation White Stork delivered 22,646 IFAKs, as well as shovels, body armor, and generators.

The Ukrainian World Congress and the country’s Ministry of Digital Transformation are supporting a program called “Army of Drones,” which involves raising funds to purchase 200 unmanned drone systems for aerial reconnaissance. Funds support drone procurement, delivery, maintenance and pilot training. This “drone army” helps defenders of Ukraine to monitor the country’s large frontline and respond to enemy attacks.

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