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Image caption: Protests have erupted statewide in response to right-wing activists in California school districts who are trying to put anti-LGBTQ+ policies in place.
State Moves to Stop Anti-LGBTQ+ Local School Board Policies

Under a system that has long prioritized local control for school districts. state officials now are fighting some recent board decisions regarding LGBTQ students.

Image caption:
Working Together: TTCF and California Local

A conversation with Stacy Caldwell, CEO of Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation

Image caption: Young actors and writers hoping to break into Hollywood say that current strikes will let them have viable careers.
Hollywood Strikes Vital to Livable Industry Careers, College Students Say

Strikes by the Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild have shut down Hollywood. As workers demand fair compensation and regulations on artificial intelligence, college students aspiring to break into the industry are caught up in the historic moment.

Image caption: After a historic drop in enrollments due to the pandemic, community colleges are pouring money into marketing campaigns to get students back.
Community Colleges Use Flashy Marketing to Get Students Back

After a historic drop in enrollment during the COVID-19 pandemic, California community colleges are ramping up marketing efforts, spending more than $40 million in state and federal dollars to lure students back. Is it working?

Image caption: School board meetings about educating children have deteriorated into battles over hot-button culture war issues in some districts.
State Moves to Stop Culture Wars Upending California School Boards

California grants school boards much local control, but recent events have pushed the state to take steps to stop local school board meetings from turning into potentially dangerous culture war battlegrounds.

Image caption: Low transfers are also the fault of the UC and Cal State systems which rejected 30,000 applicants in 2020.
Community College Transfer Numbers Remain Far Below State’s Goal

Transfer to a four-year institution is a benchmark for success among community colleges, but the numbers are low and disparities across the system persist, especially between colleges in rural areas and those in wealthy suburbs.

Image caption: California smokers are kicking the habit, but that means lower tax revenues for child services under Prop 10.
Child Services Takes Hit as Tobacco Tax Revenue Drops Due to Quitting

A new ban on flavored tobacco products is accelerating a decline in nicotine tax revenue that funds California’s early childhood services. Some programs are already making cuts.

Image caption: Pres. Joe Biden decried the "hypocrisy" behind the Supreme Court's student loan forgiveness cancellation.
What Next For Student Loans After SCOTUS Ends Biden Debt Relief

The Supreme Court has terminated Pres. Biden's student debt relief program. Here's the reasoning the justices used to do it, how their decision affects Californians, and what's next for borrowers who must start paying again in October.

Image caption: Six of the nine Supreme Court justices, all appointed by Republican presidents, have voted to end affirmative action.
Supreme Court Bans Affirmative Action: What it Means for California

The Supreme Court has now overturned decades of precedent in a new ruling that bans affirmative action, the consideration of race in college admissions as a way to create campus diversity.

Image caption: The future of at-large city elections, a crucial voting rights issue, is now in the hands of the California Supreme Court.
At-Large vs. District Elections Case Heard at State Supreme Court

In a landmark case, California's Supreme Court will decide if cities must switch their at-large elections to a voting-by-district system after hearing oral arguments the Pico Neighborhood Association v. Santa Monica voting rights case June 27.

Image caption: A measure to roll back California's ban on affirmative action may appear the Nov. 2024 ballot.
Affirmative Action Comeback: California Voters May Decide

Though voters soundly rejected an effort to legalize affirmative action in California in 2020, state Democrats are trying again, proposing a limited version that would allow state agencies to consider race if academic research shows evidence those race-based programs could …

Image caption: Day care providers are often paid only 25 percent of what it costs them to care for children at their centers.
California Child Care Crisis Looms if Subsidies Remain Low

A California child care crisis could be coming if subsidies remain at current low levels in the state budget. Providers say home daycare businesses may need to close if increased help is not on the way.

Image caption: Protesters demonstrate against the Supreme Court’s landmark decision on affirmative action in 1978.
Affirmative Action: What SCOTUS Decisions May Mean for CA

California bans affirmative action in college admissions, but two pending Supreme Court decisions may go further than the current state law, which was passed as Prop 209 in 1996. Here’s what that could mean for the state.

Image caption: Members of Teamsters, CSUEU, UAW 4123, and CFA faculty gathered to ask for fair wages outside the CSU Chancellor’s office in Long Beach on May 23.
Report: Cal State Has $1.5 Billion Funding Gap

A new analysis shows that the California State University system doesn’t make or receive enough money to cover its costs, even with state support. The report and lawmakers urge the system to increase tuition, but even that might not be …

Image caption: For many years, chef Alice Waters has taught young people about the importance of sustainable eating. Now she’s building a new place of learning in Sacramento.
Interview With Alice Waters

The renowned Chez Panisse chef believes we’ve lost our connection to nature—and we’re afraid. She wants to help fix that.

Image caption: Allison Leggett, a fourth-year student at Charles Drew University, on campus in the Watts region of Los Angeles on Dec. 7, 2022
Solving the Black Doctor Shortage

Charles Drew University, the only historically Black university in California, will launch a new MD program next year. The goal is to train more doctors of color to help underserved communities in a state where only 3% of physicians are …

Image caption: Sacramento City College in Sacramento on Oct. 3, 2022.
The Equity Gap: Community Colleges Won’t Reach Newsom’s Aspirational Goals

California’s community colleges aren’t on track to reach ambitious goals of closing the gaps in graduation rates between racial and ethnic groups. Its central office leaders doubt they’ll reach those goals, including new ones laid out by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Image caption: Yusbely Delgado Medrano, a UC Davis College Corps fellow, speaks during a swearing-in ceremony for the fellows in Sacramento on Oct. 7, 2022.
This State Program Could Help Undocumented Students Find Jobs

California’s estimated 75,000 undocumented students don’t qualify for federal work-study or most job opportunities. A new state service program launched last week, College Corps, will give hundreds of them as much as $10,000 per year to perform community service.

Image caption: UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres addresses the United Nations.
International Day of Democracy

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres defends "the cornerstone of democratic societies—free, independent, and pluralistic media.”

Image caption: Supporters of Donald Trump have been behind a series of disruptions and threats at local government meetings.
New California Law Aims to End Public Meeting Disruptions

A wave of public government meeting disruptions by right-wing groups often inspired by Donald Trump has inspired a new law designed to help officials restore order to the process of running local government.

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