PG Council Votes to Reduce Council Seats


The Pacific Grove City Council voted to place a measure on the November ballot to reduce council seats from six to four members.

Cost Estimate for Pacific Grove Skatepark Over $130K


The Pacific Grove City Council will hear the costs of building a temporary skatepark at the City Hall parking lot during the next council meeting.

Cannabis Retail: Pacific Grove to Hold Concept Review


The Pacific Grove City Council will hold a concept review of draft regulations for bringing cannabis retail to town.

Pacific Grove: A Problem With Trees


With three, 50-foot-plus cypress trees in their front yard—and worries one or more will fall onto their home—Christie Monson and Tim Calvert have been wrestling with Pacific Grove to have the towering conifers removed.

Pacific Grove to Hold Workshop Series on Street Improvement Project


On Nov. 9-10, the city is holding a series of workshops to receive feedback on how best to revamp the intersection of Sunset Drive, Congress Avenue and Cedar Street.

Pacific Grove Voters to Decide on City Council Downsize


Measure O asks Pacific Grove voters to decide whether they want the City Council to shrink by two seats over the next four years.

Pacific Grove: Council Approves Harbor Seal Protections


After street repairs disturbed nursing harbor seals, the Pacific Grove City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that imposes road work restrictions during the seals’ pupping season.

California Appeals Court Set to Hear Pacific Grove Vacation Rental Case


In a couple of weeks, a state appeals court will hear oral arguments in a case brought by a conservative Arizona think tank against the city of Pacific Grove for what plaintiffs argue is an illegal way in which the city controls short-term rentals.

Pacific Grove’s NOAA Building Still in Running for Historic Determination


NOAA’s former Southwest Fisheries Science Center is still under consideration for Pacific Grove’s Historic Resources Inventory, despite the building’s new owners claiming it does not warrant the distinction. The Historic Resources Committee voted to recommend that a qualified consultant determine whether it is eligible.

Joint City-Nonprofit Effort Tackles Trash in Pacific Grove


Operated through a partnership between the city of Pacific Grove and environmental nonprofit Sustainable Pacific Grove, a venture to pick up trash in Pacific Grove is gaining momentum. The effort is typically held on the second Saturday of each month.

Pacific Grove Looks to Prevent Further Seal Disturbances


The Pacific Grove City Council has directed City Attorney Brian Pierik for a draft ordinance that would impose roadwork restrictions during harbor seal pupping season.

PG Planning Commission to Discuss Permanent Parklet Program


After opting to extend its pandemic-inspired parklet program earlier this year, the city of Pacific Grove will consider keeping the outdoor dining fixtures permanently.

Pacific Grove Preemptively Blocks Project Homekey Housing


Hopes for bringing Project Homekey to Pacific Grove ended when the Pacific Grove City Council voted 5-1, with one council member absent, against pursuing a new application.

Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Peake Plans to Run for Reelection


In 2018, Bill Peake snagged Pacific Grove’s mayoral seat for the first time, winning with 39.8% of the votes. He ran unopposed in 2020. Saying he has unfinished business, Peake announced July 28 he is running for a third term.

Pacific Grove Hires New City Attorney


After the announcement that Pacific Grove City Attorney David Laredo was leaving at the end of June, the Pacific Grove City Council took action, voting to retain Brian Pierik of Camarillo-based Burke, Williams & Sorensen LLP as the city’s new attorney.

Pacific Grove City Attorney David Laredo Moving On


Pacific Grove City Attorney David Laredo, who has served as the city’s legal counsel for more than 17 years, will leave his office on July 1.

Pacific Grove: Sales Tax Increase to be Declared, Vacancy Tax to be Discussed


The half-cent increase will bring Pacific Grove’s 8.75% sales tax up to par with most other cities along the Monterey Peninsula. The City Council is also discussing a ballot measure for a proposed tax on retail property owners in possession of storefronts vacant for more than 182 days total per calendar year.

Senior Pacific Grove Manager Resigns, Cites ‘Aggressive Questioning’


Alyson Hunter, Pacific Grove’s community development director, will be leaving April 22 to work for the city of Marina. In a resignation letter, she thanked coworkers but also complained about disparagement of city staff and the general tenor of the city.

American Tin Cannery Hotel Project Shelved by Coastal Commission


The American Tin Cannery hotel project, near the Monterey Bay Aquarium, has been halted by the California Coastal Commission after two of commissioners appealed Pacific Grove’s approval.

Developer Dials Back Plans for American Tin Cannery Project


Too large and too big an impact on the local environment. That was the message from the Pacific Grove Architectural Review Board in December to the developers of a project on the American Tin Cannery site. Saying they’ve scaled back, developers will go before the Planning Commission on Oct. 28.

Pacific Grove Staff Gives Thumbs Up to ATC Hotel EIR


At its Oct. 28 meeting, the Pacific Grove Planning Commission will consider certifying the ATC Hotel and Commercial Project Environmental Impact Report and approve four permits sought—as recommended by staff.

Pacific Grove Elm Tree Spared—For Now


The Pacific Grove City Council voted 7-0 to rescind an earlier vote to remove a 100-year-old American elm tree from Jewell Park after a huge protest that included a woman who scaled the tree to stop a crew the day it was scheduled to be felled.

Pacific Grove Confronts Ups and Downs of the Water Business


Nearly five years after Pacific Grove officials broke ground for a wastewater reclamation plant on Point Pinos, hoping to raise revenue from the sale of recycled water and water credits, the city is finding out the returns aren’t what they hoped.

Pacific Grove City Council Wraps Up Lengthy Negotiation With City Manager Ben Harvey


There’s been some friction between Pacific Grove and city manager Ben Harvey, which could explain the two months of closed-session negotiations between the council and Harvey over a new contract, finally approved by a 6-1 vote.

Pacific Grove City Council Kicks Cannabis Question to New Subcommittee


Nearly seven months after reversing a previous council’s vote to allow one cannabis dispensary in town, the Pacific Grove City Council is creating a Cannabis Outreach Subcommittee that will work with City Manager Ben Harvey.

Pacific Grove Files Lawsuit Over Measure L


The city is asking a judge to declare the measure as legally approved so it can collect revenue from its 0.5 percent sales tax increase, approved by nearly 60 percent of voters.

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History Under New Management


After its former executive director resigned amid internal strife in September, the museum gets a fresh start with the hiring of new executive director Carla Bitter.

Pacific Grove Council Annexes Mission Linen Site


The last piece of county land within the city’s sphere of influence is suitable for multi-unit housing.

Flipping the Script With Diversify Our Narrative


Pacific Grove High School junior Marianna Zoellin found more than viral videos on Tiktok.

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