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Meet the Monterey County Board of Education Trustee Candidates

Jake Odello and Annette Yee Steck will go head-to-head June 7 for an open seat on the Monterey County Board of Education. The winner will serve until November, when the position will be open for a four-year term. The open seat is for Trustee Area 1, which includes New Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel and Big Sur.

(May 18, 2022) → Read the full Monterey Herald report
Monterey Peninsula Unified Partners with Motel 6 to Reduce Youth Homelessness

Monterey Peninsula Unified School District will be the first district in California to provide short-term emergency housing for students experiencing homelessness through a partnership with Motel 6.

(April 27, 2022) → Read the full Monterey Herald report
Monterey County School Sees Enrollment Jump Amid Statewide Decline

While schools across the state have reported decreases, enrollment is up about 25% at San Antonio Union School District compared to last school year, the highest in about five years.

(April 26, 2022) → Read the full The Californian report
UC System to Cover Tuition for California Residents Who Are Native Americans

The University of California system this fall will begin to pay the tuition for California residents who are Native American. The decision could affect more than 600 students. UC President Michael Drake said the move would “advance critical efforts to expand student diversity and make the University of California more affordable.”

(April 26, 2022) → Read the full KCRA NBC 3 report
California Delays Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate for Schools

California is delaying a coronavirus vaccine mandate for schoolchildren until at least the summer of 2023. The state was the first to announce a mandate, but it will not take effect until federal regulators give final approval to the vaccine for children.

(April 14, 2022) → Read the full KCRA NBC 3 report
Pleasures and Treasures of the California State Library

There are approximately 6 million items in the inventory of the California State Library. Four million of those are books, and nearly 2,000 of those are law books.

(April 13, 2022) → Read the full Comstock's Magazine report
CSUMB to Boost Local Industries With New Engineering Facility

A new science and engineering building slated for CSU Monterey Bay’s campus will honor a local family long devoted to California agriculture recognizes the role technology could play in the future of the industry,

(March 24, 2022) → Read the full Monterey Herald report
Hartnell College Program Helps Parents, Addresses Local Child Care Needs

Hartnell College has received a nearly $500,000 state grant to further early childhood education training and opportunities for students.

(March 24, 2022) → Read the full The Californian report
Can California Prevent the Collapse of Community College Enrollment?

After community college enrollment collapsed in late 2020, California lawmakers came up with $120 million to help stem the tide of departing students. So far, progress has been uneven.

(March 21, 2022) → Read the full CapRadio report
CSU Monterey Bay Celebrates Arrival of Bill Monning Archive

Flanked by local officials and civil rights leaders, retired Central Coast state Sen. Bill Monning unveiled a collection of his legislative papers that will be housed at the CSU Monterey Bay library.

(March 21, 2022) → Read the full Monterey Herald report
School Districts to Put More Kids in Transitional Kindergarten

State legislation taking effect in the fall requires all school districts to add free programs for children who turn 5 between Sept. 2, 2022, and Feb. 2, 2023. Known as transitional kindergarten, this pre-K year teaches students important life skills.

(Feb. 25, 2022) → Read the full Palo Alto Online report
CSU Monterey Bay Takes Next Step in Campus Expansion

Earlier this month, CSU Monterey Bay released a draft environmental impact report reviewing its master plan . The report marks progress in the university’s latest push to improve.

(Feb. 24, 2022) → Read the full Monterey Herald report
If UC Berkeley Must Cut 3,000 Students, Should It Favor Californians?

Alameda Superior Court Judge Brad Seligman capped UC Berkeley enrollment at 2020-21 levels, after Berkeley citizens sued over the toll that enrollment growth would take on the city. A Court of Appeals rejected UC Berkeley’s request Feb. 10 to undo that cap. Now UCB is looking to the state’s highest court.

(Feb. 20, 2022) → Read the full CapRadio report
Monterey Peninsula Unified Changes Up Trustee Areas

As school districts all across Monterey County finalize and submit new district maps, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District is not just rearranging boundaries but also creating completely new trustee areas.

(Feb. 9, 2022) → Read the full Monterey Herald report
Pivotal School Funding Rule May Change

California schools currently only receive money for students who are present in class. A new bill might change this policy.

(Jan. 3, 2022) → Read the full The Sacramento Bee report
Monterey Campuses Experiencing Increased Stress and Strife Due to COVID-19

When students returned to some semblance of a normal school year this fall, officials warned there would be increased incidents of pandemic-related stress and threats of violence. These warnings have come to fruition in Monterey County.

(Nov. 19, 2021) → Read the full Voices of Monterey Bay report
Teen Innovation Center Coming to Gonzales

State Senator Anna Caballero presented a $5 million check to the City of Gonzales last month and the center is expected to open in 2024.

(Nov. 19, 2021) → Read the full Voices of Monterey Bay report
Divestment Question Raised at CSUMB

Cal State University Monterey Bay took a step toward divesting from fossil fuels, with support for the idea affirmed at a Nov. 8 committee. Though no action was taken, participants agreed to analyze what divestment would mean for the school, both financially and logistically.

(Nov. 8, 2021) → Read the full Monterey Herald report
CSUMB Obtains Grant to Help Underrepresented Students Study Agriculture

California State University, Monterey Bay was awarded a $975,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to incentivize students to pursue a degree in agricultural plant and soil services.

(Nov. 3, 2021) → Read the full The Californian report
Soledad Educational Center Opens

With hundreds of people in attendance, the Soledad Educational Center held its ribbon-cutting ceremony on Oct. 23.

(Oct. 29, 2021) → Read the full Salinas Valley Tribune report
Hartnell Foundation Hosts Luncheon for King City Education Center Donors

Hartnell College Foundation invited donors to its King City Education Center expansion for a luncheon and ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of the project, which doubled the size of the downtown center.

(Oct. 22, 2021) → Read the full King City Rustler report
UCSC Professor Tracks Pandemic Stressors

As an educator studying education and pedagogy, Lora Bartlett is well versed in the “grammar of schooling,” which describes the structure students expect from their schools. But over the past 18 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted everything.

(Oct. 15, 2021) → Read the full Voices of Monterey Bay report
Monterey Peninsula College Seeks New Leader

Almost exactly one year ago, on Oct. 23, Monterey Peninsula College welcomed David Martin as the permanent superintendent of the community college district and president of the college. After a short tenure, he’s moving on.

(Oct. 4, 2021) → Read the full Monterey County Weekly report
Hartnell College to Require Vaccinations

Hartnell College in Salinas is requiring all students and employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. When and how the mandate goes into effect is still up in the air. Unvaccinated students will be allowed to finish fall 2021 classes.

(Sept. 23, 2021) → Read the full The Californian report
Monterey County Colleges and Students Receive Millions During Pandemic

CSU Monterey Bay, Monterey Peninsula College and Hartnell College received a combined total of $26 million in assistance during the pandemic, while Monterey County students saw $9.5 million in aid. This aid included funding for with distance learning, tuition reimbursements and more.

(Sept. 21, 2021) → Read the full Monterey County Weekly report
‘Puente Project’ Aims to Send More Kids to College

Everett Alvarez High School’s “Puente Project” is an educational booster that helps under-served children understand and better prepare for college. Thanks to the program, dozens of students have gone on to prestigious universities.

(Sept. 20, 2021) → Read the full The Californian report
DigitalNEST Opens in Old Salinas Firehouse

DigitalNEST, a nonprofit from Watsonville, has opened a standing location in an old Salinas firehouse to help support tech education locally. The center offers free WIFI, tech classes, and educational support for local students.

(Sept. 17, 2021) → Read the full Voices of Monterey Bay report
Hartnell Forms Committee to Find Permanent President

Hartnell College in Salinas has formed an ad hoc committee to search for a permanent superintendent/president. Raúl Rodríguez has served as interim in the position but he is coming up on the two-year limit in that role.

(Sept. 17, 2021) → Read the full King City Rustler report
Hartnell College Board Begins Search for a Superintendent/President

On Sept. 7, the Hartnell Community College District Board took the first steps toward choosing a permanent superintendent/president to replace Raúl Rodriguez, who has served on an interim basis since June 2020.

(Sept. 11, 2021) → Read the full Monterey County Weekly report
COVID Transmission Very Low at MPUSD Schools

With 10,000 students in the district, there have been just six cases of school-acquired COVID-19 in this school year, while 120 students reported community-acquired COVID infections.

(Sept. 10, 2021) → Read the full Monterey County Weekly report
More Classes Needed at Hartnell’s New Soledad Education Center

With in-person class attendance exceeding expectations, Hartnell’s new Soledad Education Center has 185 students in both face-to-face and online offerings in 10 total classes. A grand-opening celebration will be held Oct. 23.

(Sept. 9, 2021) → Read the full King City Rustler report
Salinas Union Completes Investigation Into Racist Incident

The investigation at Salinas Union High School District into student involvement in a racist incident involving a Black doll has concluded. SUHSD Superintendent Dan Burns apologized in a video released Sept. 1, in which he also apologized to the Black community.

(Sept. 2, 2021) → Read the full Monterey County Weekly report
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